Yoga - Holistic Synthesis of Mind, Body and Soul

27 лютого 2017
Yoga is the process of discovering the inspiring, joyous YOU – going within to the depth of feeling, sensing, knowing how internal self is connected to the external body and how both together evolve to fathom the manifestation of soul which in best of terms is abstract, a notion that may or may not exist but once having felt its presence through the yogic powers humans can feel the sublime divinity and understand that they are part of the infinite cosmos, the universe which seemingly has no end but miraculously holds millions of things and articles like planets, stars, satellites in a mysterious yet organized, synchronized manner.

These astral bodies are surely somehow interconnected, linked and influenced by each other in ways only known to the omnipresent ‘Almighty’. A glimpse of these mysterious connections and links can be felt (or experienced) even by mere mortals like us, but for that we have to train, practice our mind, coordinate our senses, elevate our consciousness,  let go the ego, abandon all pretensions and go deep down within and become one with the infinite. Constant practice of Yoga combined with profound meditation leads to an evolved state through which we can experience the immense depth of being an iota in the infinite stratagem of the omnipotent divine power. The health benefits, happiness, and contentment are additional accruals of Yoga that are no less valuable to our living and existence. 
Some immediate benefits that accrue from Yoga (and meditation as both are entwined synergistically) are:

Increased Oxygen Flow
Better Coursing of Blood in the System  
Suppleness of Muscles
Fluidity in Joint Movements
Muscular Flexibility
Stress Reduction
Calmness & Peacefulness
Mental Relaxation
Feeling of Exhilaration

Regular and constant indulgence in yoga gives us very useful long-term gains some of which are as follows:

An Overall Enhanced Sense of Well-Being,
A Better Work-Life Balance,
Slow and Steady Rejuvenation, Improved Health,
A Comparatively Better Day-To-Day Orientation,
Relatively Enhanced Span of Life,
A Qualitative Difference in Materialistic Outlook,
Relatively Peaceful Communal Living,
More Rewarding Social Interactions and Richer Interpersonal Connections/communication and
A Broadened Perspective of Life and Living  

As can be observed the physical postures and meditative stance of Yoga provides internal goodness, external litheness and it is true that coordinated, synchronized contemplation of body imparts significant psychological benefits and life-long advantages.

Yoga has the potential to transform our insight into the evolution, emergence, and existence of this physical world. It has the potency to bring out the unique aspects of the world which sometimes are missed by us in our “busyness” with the monotonous routine of the job, work, home, sleep. The tedious cycle goes on leaving little time to ponder, to discover, to feel the myriad beauty and absolute glory of the supreme being of which each one of us is a part.

Our mind is the most active part of our physiology; it can make millions of calculations, create thousands of permutations & combinations and take us in seconds from one end of the Earth to another. It may think of cosmos one second and in another jiffy, it may be concerned about the mobile recharge or buying flowers for a date. It can bring out the best of thoughts and infrequently dictate worst of actions. Consciously, even subconsciously our actions are guided by our mind and yoga along with meditation allows us to take charge of our mind, prompt and induce it to actions and decisions that lead us to healthier, happier and smarter way of life. 

The human mind is the most amazing device ever found/manufactured/produced in the world. Nothing beats or matches its dynamism, capability, worth, possibility and utility. To train his/her mind is perhaps one of the toughest tasks that can be assigned to someone, that’s why Indian mythology is so rich in the vagaries, pursuits, and queries of mind. Yoga in tandem with meditation is the approach through which a unique fit between the travails, trials, travels and thoughts of mind can be managed and controlled along with the troubles, trials, and tribulations of the body. That’s why it has been emphasized that yoga + meditation = development of inner strength, higher consciousness, vitality, adaptability, and flexibility of the human body that leads to the discovery of soul which is invisible, invincible, indestructible and a microcosm of the supernatural.

Yoga is a practice. It is a route and not the destination. Once you start the journey, the changes, the new perspectives, the paradigm shift you get in attitude and orientation towards life is simply remarkable and truly invaluable. Combined with meditation it leads towards more satisfaction, deeper enrichment and of course rationalization of the meaning, sense, and significance of life.

The synergy obtained from the external environment in which we live, survive and thrive and the internal body movements or functions that provide us the spirit, liveliness to sustain and maintain ourselves is the fulcrum and the focus of Yoga and Dhyan (meditation). 

The energy that flows into the system through yogic posture(s) is just an indication of the inner strength and the capabilities that exist in the human body, only we come to know of them very infrequently or utilize them seldom. Especially during times of sexual climax and orgasm our body goes through a wave of intense joy and pleasure (or waves depending upon the intensity/chemistry) – such a state can often be felt without really indulging in the sexual act, just by devotedly and steadfastly pursuing the tenets of yoga.

Slowly, steadily (and often silently) body starts to feel the joys and rewards of being looked after, of being taken care. Yoga improves the overall metabolism of the human body by working on all the points and areas that manifest energy, enthusiasm, excitement in life. As the oxygen flow is increased through practiced use of breathing techniques, blood supply also increase to all the vital organs and we are able to feel much active, more alert, agile and simply more useful and valuable to self, community, and society. 

Yoga, as a matter of fact, is a combination of simple exercises, easy-flowing movements to complex postures, quite difficult "asanas" (positions) which should be conducted and carried out under trained eyes. Especially the first few times novices and starters should take ample caution in trying out the more arduous and complex “asanas”, though once having gained confidence and comprehension of movements/positioning, it is not a difficult thing and one can easily go along doing the various postures regularly.

On regularity, it must be noted that Yoga’s fruits can be reaped only after being involved or engaged in it for a month or so, though after the few initial days you can notice the changes occurring like – easier breathing with more oxygen intake which makes for smoother rhythmic respiration, a better posture with lesser stress on backbone and spine, a sturdier, straighter walk and dozens of other benefits.  

Few months into Yoga and meditation, the first few positive changes occurring would be a better span of attention, more focus, better concentration power, deeper sleep, lesser irritation, reduced anxiety, higher self-confidence and far smoother eye-hand coordination. And that is not all; you would get additional incremental benefits which would keep on happening as you proceed further on your path of practicing Yoga and meditation.

The ancient Hindus developed the concept of Yoga, which is based upon various “asanas” and “mudras”. These postures, body movements, and workouts combine together to provide long-term health-beneficial results, develop immunity, restore strength and create new energy, enhance a person’s disease-fighting capacity, elevate mood, maintain suppleness and youthfulness, bring in internal peace, contentment, joy, and happiness. Since it comprises of the meditative part/component – it has a tremendous effect on our mental well-being. It tackles stress (de-stresses the mind), initiates better work-life balance, improves our perspective on life, motivates and inspires us to enjoy life and living as ordained by mother nature and acts as an overall calmer and smoother to tensed muscles, nerves, and body-system.  

As a composite system integrating the communion of mind, body and soul Yoga is a scientific, time-tested approach that energizes the entire body system and provides long-term health benefits and the best thing is that you don’t have to buy or use expensive equipment, gadgets nor much of space is required. The main criteria is your commitment, willingness, sincerity, honest efforts, regularity, clean environment, (and some green space – optional) and you are ready to start the positive change that would make you healthier, happier, better, smarter and wiser.

Yoga had been appreciated, liked and enjoyed for centuries by millions of its followers, practitioners, amateurs, masters, aficionados and tens of thousands of health conscious people around the world. Yoga has gained further acceptance and its significance has grown manifold since the UNO gave it global recognition by declaring 21st June as “World Yoga Day”. The much-awaited declaration is the affirmation of the health benefits, societal usefulness and overall utility of Yoga as a discipline, a sport, a form of practice and a way of life. It emphasizes the concept of engaging in Yoga and duly consolidates its worth, value and significance as a useful, fruitful, helpful exercise for mind and body which naturally touches the soul. Long-term and regular indulgence in Yoga is wholesome, refreshing and a benefactor of health, happiness, and overall well-being in this stressful, anxiety-laden times. Its practice is rejuvenating to body and mind and its powerful impact on our physiological state enables us to discover the whole new, exciting internal world which exists within each of us in all its wonderful myriad external manifestations. 

Yoga when done with meditation or when meditative techniques are combined with the practice of yoga, the rewards are manifold and either way (or in whichever combination it is done) the winner is YOU.

A simple attempt has been made in highlighting the significance and interconnectedness of Yoga & meditation with the overall well-being of humans. 
Do Remember: The basic principle of all-round sound health is nutritious diet, exercises, active lifestyle, proper sleep, ample rest and scope for work, creative engagement, societal contribution and socio-cultural development – which is not very demanding or too hard to carry out. But often our self-imposed limitations/restrictions in the guise of lack of time, lack of motivation or just plain procrastination can be the reason for our inability to start rolling, get going and moving out of our comfort zones. It is a self-defeatist attitude which should be kicked out of the system as soon as possible and as far as possible. The easy, simple yet fluid external strokes, movements and postures of Yoga and deep internal thoughtfulness and mindfulness of meditation nourishes and nurtures all – the mind, the body, and the soul.

P.S. For inquisitive lot desirous of finding out more on Yoga and Meditation Internet is a versatile resource medium with 100s of different sites and portals – ranging from pictorial representation of various asanas, mudras to videos, practicals and rich useful advises.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram/Сатям Шівам Сундарам (that which is truth is divine and is beautiful – Істина Любов Краса)

Satyamev Jayatey/Сатямев Джайте (truth prevails – Правда завжди переважає/перемагає)

Aarogyam Jayatey/Арогям Джайте (health should prevail/health should be above all – Здоров’я найголовніше/Здоров’я має бути першим)
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