21st June - Celebrate the "World Yoga Day" with fervor, passion and hurray!

20 червня 2017
Two years back, in 2015 at India’s request United Nations Organization gave ‘Yoga’ the recognition of a system of holistic wellness – combining the elements of physical, mental and spiritual well-being and 21st June was designated by UNO as the annual ‘World Yoga Day’ to be marked and commemorated all across the globe.

About the benefits that accrue from yoga and meditation (dhyana) is generally known to everyone since yoga has gained tremendous acceptance and wide popularity of late and millions worldwide now engage in yoga regularly. Yet, it is significant to repeat the advantages to reinforce and strengthen the belief of practitioners and to motivate the new-comers and debutantes.

As yoga is a holistic aggregation of body, mind and soul it is desirable to practice it regularly, steadily increasing the level and degree of involvement, with simple "asanas" (poses) and easy meditation techniques in the early stages to more advanced, complex and integrated version as one becomes trained and skilled in the art and vocation of Yogic capabilities and meditative concentration.
Yoga is the amalgamation and synchronization of various body movements, postures and rhythmic contours that flexes the muscles, firms up skin, renews blood circulation, tones the cardiovascular system, relieves the tired joints and provides them mobility and flexibility, develops immunity and resilience to fight ailments and disease and leads to balanced hormonal function of the human physiological system.

It also refreshes the metabolism and revives the decaying cells and tissues that reenergize the whole body and help us to become contented, peaceful and lead more satisfying and rewarding life in the social and physical environment we live in.   

Yoga enables the mind and body to function in tandem, the cohesion of both along with deep meditation process strengthen, nurture and rejuvenates the physical elements of the body, relaxes, calms and soothes the frayed or strained nervous system and empowers the mind and soul to experience the dialectical embodiment of human existence, trivial, frivolous yet powerful, meaningful and utilitarian.

Simply and briefly said, Yoga is the source of internal elevation of psychological aspects, of a deeper assimilation of subconscious discern and an overall joyous experience of self-recognition in the broader and wider context of cosmic, supernatural consciousness.  So don’t limit or restrict the life-sustaining and soul enriching practice to just 21st of June, but partake in it on regular basis to enjoy its long-term health benefits and to experience the intense inward sensation that broadens and enhances outward perception of being one with the infinite divine energy source it is vital to practice Yoga with meditation and naturopathy daily, preferably in the early hours of the morning – because it is the best time of the day and what better than to begin it in a healthy way. 

Do remember to follow up your yoga practice with a healthy lifestyle – proper, balanced, timely diet and food intake, sufficient deep, relaxing sleep, some other moderate exercise like walking, window-shopping, stairs-climbing, indulging in hobbies and pastimes like gardening, reading, drawing or painting, watching movies, writing, singing or dancing, web-surfing and online networking (with a strict regimen of time limit), social activities such as donating at charities, visiting friends, relatives, camping, hiking, vacationing with family and simply smiling, laughing at the nothingness of the seriousness we put in the joyous experience called “The Life”.
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