17 things that we wish for Ukraine to happen in 2017

4 січня 2017
New Year is the time when we all look forward to something new, something interesting and exciting happening to us or around us. As the old year goes by we wish the new one coming would bring in positive changes, give us reasons to be happy and make us smile with the favorable turn of events. One of the most common things expected by most of us with the advent of the New Year is a better future with more of opportunities to be creative, socially active and lot more productive.

We make resolutions (to read more, to exercise regularly, to pursue gardening more vigorously and so on), similarly we want to keep the promises (like never to be late again, to eat organic foodstuff, to call parents every weekend, etc.) made by us for the New Year. And then we have expectations from the New Year (remaining healthy or at least not falling sick, lesser inflation, sunnier weather and such things). Also with every New Year we have wishes (a better job, a great overseas vacation, well-mannered colleagues or neighbors, desire to move into a better accommodation and dozens of different things). Individual wish-list is at personal level, similarly let us compile a wish-list of things we would like to see occurring and happening in Ukraine in the New Year. Hopefully the following 17 things would materialize in 2017 for our wonderful and naturally beautiful motherland:
  1. End of the senseless, mindless and irrational Russian aggression against Ukraine. One of the first wishes that God should fulfill for all of those who love Ukraine and are concerned about it and its people is to put a complete stop to the evil Russian war and force the devil Putin to back out of Ukraine and return all occupied territories – the Crimea, and the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. 
  2. Rise in birthrate – the rate of newborns should at least double as we have to be 50 million plus once again. As bible says “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. . . . . ” So dear Ukrainian friends don’t miss the chance, don’t let the time go by. Wake up, get up, hug, kiss and make love. And let the world be populated with cute, lovely Ukrainian children.
  3. More green cover. Stoppage to deforestation and cutting/felling of trees. Enough of taking away the lush green forests of Ukraine from the Carpathian valleys, Sumska province and other places. Concerted, consistent and comprehensive efforts towards the preservation of environment should be taken by everyone in the country in 2017.  
  4. Production and presentation of quality TV serials, movies, musical compositions and audio-video compilations/products in Ukrainian language which would not only charm and enchant Ukrainians with its beauty, depth and innovation but fascinate the world and catapult Ukraine in to top league of high-quality producer and supplier of entertainment products. Also all the Russian serials, sitcoms and other such items be banned from the Ukrainian media space and replaced by Ukrainian (or English/Polish/European) alternatives.
  5. Ridding Ukraine of the Oligarchs and their oligarchial clans that have made deep inroads in politics, media, entertainment, real estate and in other commercial areas.  
  6. Better civic amenities, more public facilities, improved communal utilities, and in general enhanced overall city infrastructure comparable to the European standards and advanced countries.
  7. Economic growth and development, industrial progress, rise in GDP, increase in per capita income. Inflation to be controlled and should remain within the limits prescribed by leading economists and international experts.
  8. Better health services and medical care, especially for the elders, pensioners, would be mothers, infants, toddlers, babies and children.  
  9. Superior quality, efficiently constructed, economically priced houses with modern design and architecture – especially for young couples, young professionals, single parents and other needy sections of the society. Also a full stop should be put on the artificially inflated price of the houses and flats and legal action should be taken against the oligarchs/monopolists who control the real estate market of Ukraine.
  10. End of corruption from all spheres of life. Politicians to be held accountable and answerable for their actions and decisions. The rule of law should prevail and the adage “One law applies to all” should be strictly followed and no one should be exempted (however higher up in the political rung, wealthy or well-connected). Also the completion and enforcement of much vaunted, much talked about and much needed reforms in politics, judiciary, custom, excise, police force, etc.  
  11. The European Union should confirm the status of Visa free travel to its entire geographic territory with all travel restrictions lifted and most categories Ukrainians allowed to seamlessly and freely travel in the countries of European Union.   
  12. More overseas investments, inflow of foreign direct investments and setting up of green field projects in collaboration and partnership with the leading economies and advanced nations of the world.
  13. Better road connectivity, smoother and wider rail coverage and markedly improved transport system all round the country. 
  14. Higher pensions, salaries, wages, stipends and grants. Easy Governmental schemes and options for housing loans, educational aid and so on.
  15. Higher inflow of foreign tourists from all over the world (maybe a quadruple jump). Tourism is one of the best net earners of foreign currency and promotes the socio-cultural image of the country globally. Many economies like Indonesia, Singapore, Mauritius, etc. depend on tourism and they make every effort to increase the arrival and stay of tourists in their respective countries. Also special attention should be paid to green, eco-friendly village tourism, which Ukraine has plentiful and can pleasantly surprise the visitors with the beauty, bounty and charms of its lovely countryside, rich, amazing ancient culture and nutritious delightful cuisine.
  16. Democratization of Russian political system – a very essential thing for the good of the entire world. May God bless the world in 2017 with such an action as it will not only reform the political administration of Russia but provide its people alternatives/choices of electing their representatives and other top Government functionaries. A reformed, democratic Russia would not be such a threat like it is now and we Ukrainians can look forward to more or less normal neighborly ties and hope for pragmatism and rationalization from this bullying neighbor. 
  17. Ukraine winning the Eurovision 2017, leading sports championships, emerging winners in various individual competitions and fetching hundreds of prizes, medals and laurels in international arena in various activities and hundreds of human endeavor like fashion, docu-movies, media, culinary, artistry, chess, boxing, prose, poetry, drama, music, literature, student Olympiads, technological breakthroughs, discoveries, creations and innovations.

Hope to see most of the above wishes being fulfilled through the combined aspirations of millions of Ukrainians worldwide and blessings of God. Happy and healthy 2017 to all my friends and everyone.  
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