Why nobody in Ukraine is held (or has been held) responsible for

6 квітня 2017
Cold blooded murder of leading politicians who belonged to the opposition parties. Most significant of them was the killing of Vyacheslav Chornovil, who supposedly perished in a planned and organized automobile catastrophe on 25th March 1997.

Twenty years have elapsed, every Ukrainian and the world know that the crony regime of Kuchma clandestinely helped by Russian stratagem was behind the ghastly tragedy, but the Ukrainian police force and investigative agencies haven’t bothered to bring the organizers and conspirators to justice. As a matter of fact, the brutal killing of Chornovil altered the course of history of Ukraine – transition to a full democracy was halted (under Kuchma’s 10 year tenure from 1995 to 2004, it turned into a syndicate of oligarchical-criminal clans), European Integration was suspended (tilt towards Russia was the priority) and becoming a NATO member was totally blocked (as a policy of pleasing Putin and safeguarding Russian interest and influence). So Ukraine lost out on all fronts.

Few individuals at the top ensured the colossal collective loss for an entire nation. Be it trade/commerce, social-cultural aspects, economic growth, defense sector, foreign policy/external matters, EU and NATO membership and many other areas where Ukraine as a country and Ukrainians as its citizens suffered and were setback by a decade at least.  Has anybody, so far been held responsible for betraying the trust, aspirations of millions of people, for considering the nation to be a personal fiefdom and keeping an entire country to ransom?

Other cases that figure in the similar category of politically motivated killings are Yevgen Scherbanya, Grigory Kripa, Valentina Semenyuk-Samsonko from scores that have remained unresolved and unsolved. Most of the cases date back to the early 2000s, with a decade and half-gone and no substantial progress has been reported.

Who is responsible for: Killings of dozens of journalists who have been eliminated for writing, airing and presenting their frank, honest views about the massive corruption prevalent in the highest echelons of ruling Ukrainian elite, their criminal past/links and the grossly stinking lives led by them. Everyone knows Leonid Kuchma the then President of Ukraine ordered Grigory Gonghzade, the fearless journalist who exposed Kuchma’s corrupt practices, be taught a lesson for his audacity and revelations. Later on beheaded body of Gongzhade was discovered. Kuchma is enjoying his retirement on taxpayer’s money in peace and luxury.   

Ukraine lagging behind economically after 25 years of Independence whereas similar republics and countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary are long members of EU and have 10 – 15 times better living standards, quality of life, financial parameters, economic development than Ukraine.

Lack of a strong or sizeable middle class which is considered the catalyst of changes and the power house of economic growth and development. (Who is responsible for not creating the conducive environment which would have fostered the growth of a decent middle class in Ukraine?)

Who is responsible for Delaying and obstructing Ukraine’s ascension to the European Union which is hanging fire since 1991?

Falsification, rigging, declaration of wrong election results (has been continuously happening since independence and no political party has taken steps/measures to stop the violation).

Siphoning off State funds and exchequer’s money to offshore companies, bogus organizations, fictitious names and accounts. Billions of dollars have been dishonestly/illegally taken out of the country since 1991.

Sabotage of economic and political reforms, obstruction to transparency and openness in bureaucratic and official work.

Giving a carte blanche to Russians in all spheres of activities and every possible area of influence in economic and socio-cultural space of Ukraine.
Who is responsible for Deplorable condition of the only state language – Ukrainian (more than 70 percent of residents of Ukraine are ethnically Ukrainians and Ukrainian language is their native tongue/mother tongue).

Degrading and denouncing the status, prestige and significance of Ukrainian language.

Miserly pension, stipend and salary structures that are one of the lowest in Europe.

People who gave their best years of life to the service of nation worked for anything between 30-40 years now receive a meager 1500 Hryvnas a month as pension. The amount in current economic conditions would suffice a week and no more.

60-65 percent population of Ukraine lives in poverty. As per the norms of UNO and World Bank people getting or making 1.25 dollars or less a day come under abject poverty condition and almost three-fifths population of Ukraine survive on the threshold of poverty.

Who is responsible for: Hundreds that were brutally killed in broad daylight and thousands who were maimed, crippled and injured during the revolution of dignity and freedom in February 2014? None of the top politician connected and/or associated with the brutal killings of peaceful demonstrators has yet been booked or even arrested, forget about any judgment, punishment or imprisonment.

Rampant, widespread, total corruption in the Tender process and Government purchase.

Billions of dollars worth of state assets, factories, plants have been privatized and sold for peanuts and state robbed of the rightful accruals that could have made a qualitative difference in the socio-economic situation of the country.

The roads are in shabby conditions and their repair/renovation instead of making them any better further deteriorates their condition and about expressways/highways - better not to write anything about them.

Sub-standard Russian content on TV, FM radio and almost absence of quality Ukrainian product(s) to replace them even after 25 years, it is abhorring, shameful and disrespectful to own ethnicity/nativity, culture and language. Why Ukrainians should not have the right to watch and listen to programs, music, shows in their own language in their own country. Why they should be forced to accept aggressor and enemy country media products? Is anyone there in Ukraine to control this and put a stop on it?

Who is responsible for: The real estate market, like automobile market and so many others, is in the grip of oligarchical clans, clandestine groups and the prices are artificially kept extremely high which makes almost impossible for Ukrainians with average salaries/income to buy houses/apartments.

Who is responsible for: Ukrainian judges passing anti-national, anti-people verdicts and freeing or releasing suspected politicians (and even convicted criminals) on flimsy and questionable grounds?  

Such and many other questions that impact life and daily living are in the minds of all rational, concerned people. Millions of Ukrainians have twice come out on streets seeking to put an end to corrupt authoritarian and dictatorial regime of selfish, egotistic politicians. At the same time trying to put the country back on the democratic course and on the path to European integration and ensure economic growth-development.

The list is indicative, suggestive of the wrongs, dubious actions and outright criminal cases. There are hundreds which have gone unreported or have not found wider coverage and reportage in the local and/or the international media.

What plagues the Ukrainian system – its politics, judiciary, police, customs, tax authorities all are busy in making money, creating black/shadow economy and not doing what they are supposed to do - ruling and administering the country lawfully, legally, democratically for the benefit and usefulness of the country and fellow citizens.

What makes these politicians confident, self assured of getting away with crime and murder?

What makes them go scot-free, roam freely and live as if nothing ever has/had happened? Who is responsible for such a despicable, reprehensible, outrageous state of things!!! 

The central Government and all the investigative bodies though prefer to remain quite raising the suspicion of hand in glove? And why not, what other reasons they can give or present. If none, then in legal parlance silence is viewed and taken as acceptance of guilt. So be it.
Since last 25 years, after gaining independence, news headlines, archives and records are full of crimes of gruesome nature involving top politicians and what has come out of it.

Has Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yuschenko, Yanokovich, Poroshenko and likes of them held accountable or responsible for the abominable state the country is in. Forget about any sentences or judicial verdicts most often matters have not moved any further from the investigation stage. The entire nation and whole world may know under whose instruction and tutelage/guidance Gongzhade and Chornovil were killed but Ukrainian judiciary system and police force mock the entire democratic fundament and show their middle finger to anyone who dares to question the sanctity, integrity and fidelity of Ukrainian political system.

Crimes dated 20-25 years have been shoved under the carpet or put on the back-burner because if they are properly investigated, many from the political elite would be found guilty and sentenced, this may lead to skeletons falling out of the cupboard and many heads from the present lot would roll. So why upset the applecart. Let the world wait for justice, though the adage says “Justice delayed is justice denied”- but that does not apply to Ukrainian situation. Ukrainian politicians have their own ideas and perspective which are terrible away from the people aspirations, reality and factual state.

In its 26th year of Independence hopefully things would take a turn for better and Ukraine would be rid of diabolical, double-standard politicians. Crimes, misdeeds featuring political elite of past and present would be timely, truthfully and thoroughly investigated, solved and due sentences and judicial verdicts passed. Criminals, however influential or powerful, would be brought to books, imprisoned and weeded out from the society and community. Let us look at 2017 optimistically, pray and hope for better times for Ukraine and to its citizens and residents.
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