Why do we have 24 hours in a day (including night)

24 січня 2017
It is an interesting question that why the day comprises of 24 hours of 60 minutes each. Why the day cannot have say a few more hours like 25 or 26 or the reverse 23 or 22 hours. There are plausible variations that seek, in their own way, to explain the fact of 24 hours in a day. One possible rationale that comes to mind is that in these 24 hours there is 12 hours day and the other half is night, for example from 6 AM to 6 PM – 12 hours of light, hence daytime and from 6 PM to 6AM, it is dark which is nighttime. Perhaps this convenient two parts division of 12 hours each appears most imaginable and probable justification where the day/night keeps on occurring concurrently one after the other. A new day sets in after every 24 hours and we move forward in life to a new day and the process continues unabated.
If we log on to Internet the search result throws up many interesting explanations both scientific and general with the Egyptian reason topping the search data. The ancient Egyptians used their thumbs to count the finger joints of their respective hands, which total twelve, so they simply assigned 12 hours each to day and night correspondingly.  Nothing illogical in that. Right! Though scientific explanations seek to define the phenomenon through notional measurement and myriad calculations but that is another story, for another day.

Well, it is not difficult to make out that a day has 24 hours, however it may have come. And we are rewarded with a new day as we get up in the morning. Full 24 hours with all the possibilities, opportunities and expectations unfold in front of us. So let’s create a day that maximizes all positives of life – joy, health, happiness, love, inspiration and minimizes (if not eliminates completely) the negatives of life – trudge, anger, resentment, tiredness, bitterness, despair etc. let each day be a harbinger of delight, peace, hope, optimism and togetherness. And here is a methodology that precisely tries to deliver on the bright side of life, day after day, and makes everyday worthy of all its 24 hours.   

As the day has 24 hours – they can be neatly and tidily compartmentalized into three segments of Eight Hours each (here I am considering the working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday and for the weekends or holidays we can be more creative, flexible and versatile). 

An indicative and symbolic itinerary of how to get most out of the day that dawns on planet Earth each morning is provided which of course can be amended and changed based upon personal likings, interests, needs, wants and requirements. 

Every morning we are blessed with full 24 hours to do the things that are personal, social, cultural, intellectual, natural, material, spiritual and so on, depending on how and what we are making of our lives and how and in what way we want to bring in changes for better. Each day provides us with a wide spectrum of activities that we can choose from to indulge ourselves, boost our energies, soar our spirits and caress our soul.

Quite naturally the first two blocks of eight hours each can be set aside for much mundane and routine diurnal and nocturnal thing respectively. Though it is not suggested that the diurnal ritual should begin with work straightaway but to make things easier and simpler we are keeping aside the 1st eight hour time period for earning our daily bread, that is going to (and coming back from) work (it may have half an hour for commuting – which can be adjusted in the 16 hours that we are left with after fulfilling our job responsibilities).

The 2nd eight-hour block, as rightly understood, is for nocturnal rest, sleep and any other activity that we deem fit for the nighttime, including love-making, though it should not always be delegated or relegated to the late night. Since passionate intercourse is in itself an exercise, a tonic, destresser, enjoyment, a rejuvenation act that also tones, soothes, and relaxes the entire human organism it can be carried out as and when the situation, time, opportunity, and the mood of the partners permit.
Now we are left with the 3rd and the last eight our block that can be utilized much more imaginatively and creatively than the other two, simply because these eight hours are totally ours with our own sweet-will dictating how to indulge in them, because in the 1st case work is important and in the 2nd case sleep too is a significant part and neither can be wished away (though for many like students, pensioners, part-time workers, pregnant women, parents at home with children, the 1st eight hour block too can be worked out keeping in mind the individual priorities and requirements). Lets’ roll up our sleeves, tuck the shirt in or laze around leisurely with pleasure and without guilt – the following 8 hours are our way of having a meaningful day.    
Presented is a probable/suggestive approach to utilize and engage the remaining 1/3rd part of the day. We can divide it into 4 units of 2 hours each or in any other combination that allows us to spend the time as we wish.

1st unit of 2 hours: can be devoted to just more than our earthly mundane works – meditation, self-discourse, Yoga, mind-exercises, spiritualism, etc. Many of us ponder over the meaning of life, our evolution, the purpose and sense of having been blessed with higher intellect than other species. Our mind wants to fathom the mysteries of life and universe, reflect upon the connection of soul to body and other Godly affairs. Though admittedly not everyone is so keen on these matters and certainly not every day we dwell on these aspects. But still sparing an hour or two daily on our mental, spiritual and divine development is worth the efforts for its therapeutic results. A weekly offshoot of this activity can be formation of like-minded groups that meet, engage, discuss and deliberate on topics and conversations related to meditative power of praying, internal healing, soul-searching, spiritual happiness and emotional well-being. A peaceful mind and a satisfying wider perspective on life is assured through such a fruitful engagement. 
2nd unit of 2 hours: investment of time in hobbies and things we love to do is always rewarding and indulging regularly in such activities is a luxury that few can afford. Therefore friends do find time, if possible on daily basis, to pursue interests and affairs close to your heart – like gardening, cycling, nature-surfing, visiting serene environs, writing, listening to music, reading, prancing around, chuckling with kids, volunteering, whatever that attracts you and charges you up or offers you relaxation and replenishment of your energies, infuses enthusiasm and excitement to life should be made an integral part of the daily schedule.    

3rd unit of 2 hours: one of the daily routine that has almost one-half of the world’s population engaged in this activity is time spent in kitchen (Yes there are plenty of men-folk who too regularly devote their time to cooking or provide a helping hand to their spouses/partners). Perhaps nutrition is the most important part of human kind, as we are what we eat. Therefore let this time be utilized with a new sense of purpose, an infusion of positivism should be built in the repetitive task of preparing meals. What is said in management “the big picture perspective” should be applied for this humdrum activity – something very meaningful, useful and valuable is being done – we are feeding our family, parents, children, spouse, friends, relatives and guests as well as ourselves and as food is the source of our energy, well-being and health we are without doubt taking care of our loved ones in the best possible manner. That’s why Mother Nature provides every mother with lactation in order to suckle their young ones. Time spent in kitchen can be doubly utilized for listening to music, news, current affairs programs, an audio-book, conversing on speaker phones, doing light, easy, rhythmic exercises and any other activity that should not interfere with cooking but may rather complement and/or supplement the process. One point to always remember while being in kitchen is the need to pay utmost attention to hygiene, tidiness and neatness for it is said that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and this applies to all the surroundings we live in. Our efforts should be to preserve, maintain and sustain the beauty and magnificence of this beautiful, wonderful world which we have inherited from our ancestors and have to pass on to our progeny who should be able to as much enjoy the greenery, serenity and grandeur of planet Earth.  
4th unit of 2 hours: something that nourishes the body is fine and significant but that which nurtures the soul is equally important. As social beings we flourish in warmth of relationships and joys of companionship. The emotional connect that we share with our loved ones is what makes us truly human and we glow in the affection of a well-knit, tenderly related family. Everyday couple of hours is what we should always devote to the people who are dear to us. Our simple actions of calling up the relatives, friends, close acquaintances and regularly visiting them would speak of our care and concern and in return provide us with fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness.  Here it is worthwhile to mention that most of us remember our childhood spent in the laps of our Grandmas listening to fairy tales and stories that created such vivid pictures of creatures who almost sprang to life during the narration and left us in awe and wonder. Therefore it is our turn to give our offspring’s' and grandchildren the same fun, excitement and thrill of life by being with them as often and as much as possible. So a day should be considered incomplete if we haven’t been able to find time for our near/dear ones and for the people who matter to us because time spent together cements the bond and strengthens the love which in essence is the fundament of human life and very often the reason d'être of our own existence.
What it all conveys is that we have to make most of the 24 hours that we get every day. Doing things in the way that makes us happy, healthy, wealthy, loving, caring is what should be the aim and purpose of our actions and living. A the same time while planning, organizing, scheduling all those things we should be able to sometimes see the Sunrise, Sunset, be able to read the morning newspaper, carry out daily ablutions, enjoy the morning cuppa of soothing tea, relish the invigorating taste of coffee, take the pet out for its stroll, little bit keep abreast of the social media, be able to make up and deck up for get-togethers and parties and . . . . . Are we asking too much from the 24 hours? Well, perhaps additional two-three hours in the day would have let us do so much more. Yes and NO for that. Take your pick! But if we gainfully and fruitfully utilize the hours and don’t waste them, then they would suffice for most of our work, activities, leisure and pleasure too!!   
The break-up/schedule of the day as highlighted above is just one of the propositions from hundreds that can be worked out by each of us as we like and prefer. Thank you.
Please Note: For the weekends, holidays and vacations we can chart our own course on how to lucratively spend the 24 hours that each day gives us. One simple thing that can always be part of our day’s activity is to begin the day on a cheerful, smiling note and end it with a big thank-you to the almighty God and to all those people who came in our contact that day and with whom we could share some goodness, exchange kind words, spread some hope, joy, do some charity, provided relief and succor, help and support. We should conclude the day on a happy note by being aware of having lived it well enough and content on having done our bit to make this world a better place to live in for today and tomorrow.
Days come and Days go by!
People live, love and pass by!!
24 hours is what we have in a Day!
Be happy, live healthy all the Way!!
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