What to gift your loved ones in 2017

10 січня 2017
It is that time of the year. Yes the season of festivals. New Year, Christmas, long wintry weekends, local holidays associated with traditional customary fun and frolic. The festive joy is doubled with gifts being exchanged and presents given which adds on to the overall excitement and happiness prevalent in the air and makes the mood joyous and fills us with good spirits. Of course we love to gift our near and dear ones on these occasions and makes the festivals all the more special and enjoyable.

Most of us plan ahead the various gifts that we would like to give to our loved ones. We search around, look at the options and narrow down the choices to make our presents worthwhile, useful and well-thought off. With online shopping in vogue it is now so much simpler and easier to browse through the various/different items, things, products that meet our requirements and match our imagination.

Our presents may range from latest technological gadgets/devices to aromatic perfumes, expensive toiletries/cosmetics, diamonds, jewelry, holiday packages/prepaid romantic tours, kitchen utilities, cutlery, tableware and so on. Yes they all are valuable gifts and presents and we all feel happy and pleased on giving them but we can (and many do) gift even much more invaluable presents which are full of warmth, has the inestimable personal touch, pure love and show our affection and support to the loved ones in much more caring manner.

Here is the list of 10 things that does not require weeks of planning, hours of net-surfing, short-listing and so on. It only requires our internal willingness and physical readiness to surprise our loved ones with gifts/presents they will happily lap and cheerily thank. For they come straight from the heart and cannot be bought in any mall/shop/supermarket/or on an online portal.  


Perhaps the most precious thing in the life of every human being and we often tend to become spend-thrifts when it comes to spending time with our loved ones. Our own preoccupations, prior/scheduled engagements, the running here and there for different errands takes up all our time and when it comes to share the most invaluable thing that we have and possess we are found wanting, simply lack of it is the biggest reason we cite and put off the probable visit, journey or a simple get together on some other time.

Yes we cannot have more than 24 hours in a day and no more than 7 days in a week but well planned and appropriately balanced daily routine, organized living and flexible schedules can free much of this irrecoverable asset and provide us more time to spend and pass with the near and dear ones like Grandmas/Grandpas, uncles/aunts, nieces/nephews and so on, because once time is gone so has the likely opportunity and we have missed on one big chance to enjoy the warmth, joy, love, closeness and togetherness of our loved ones. Who too like us live their lives in years which is just a measurement of time and once the almighty nature takes any of them away, nothing, no matter what can bring them back.

So folks, please pledge to pass more time with the people who are near & dear to us. For work, job, wealth, money, tours, foreign visits are important but more significant than that is the people who make our world, with whom we have shared our childhood, our joys, sorrows, secrets, moments, memories. So please find more time and give it to the loved ones – it would bring more joy and happiness than anything else. Also it is said the more we share knowledge and love the more it becomes. In 2017, friends lets be “Hung-Ho” on timely visits to loved ones who live far and regularly soirees to those who live near.

Love & affection

Nothing binds a family more than love. Love transcends time, geography, history and any other geometric dimension or arithmetic calculation. Love for parents and love for children is so very natural but then love between siblings is the foundation of age-old ties and the affection developed living mutually in a family together is a cherished attribute of humankind and as it goes “the family that eats and prays together stays together”.

Love is natural characteristic humans are endowed with since birth and defines all our future relationships. Be it with parents, siblings, spouse(s), friends and relatives. The form of expression is different but the nature and essence is the same. So let us make 2017 a loving, caring and sharing year for all our near and dear ones and ensure that all of them feel our love either by a warm word, a visit, a birthday/anniversary wish, a handmade gift or whatever way we can think of sending and conveying our love and the additional bonus that accrues is a contented glow of satisfaction and happiness that naturally comes to us from our action. So let’s not be miserly with spreading of our love in 2017. Let it flow far and wide and in every direction.


"In God we trust" is perhaps one of the most well known phrases as it is printed on each US dollar bill. So trust is what brings us together and closer even to God. Becoming trustworthy is a characteristic that is valued no less than being loving and caring. And we know it is not easy to develop. Trust is the basic core on which most marriages are built upon and same is true for other relationships in family and friendship.

“A trusted friend is worth the world”, so friends one of the best gifts which would be deeply appreciated by all who are in our circle of family and friends is winning or earning their trust. It is in fact very simple to do. Just do what you say and say what you do and be consistent, open, and transparent in your dealings, transactions and interactions and people around would trust. But we should remember that trust treads on a very thin thread which may easily crack, therefore it is to be maintained by conscious efforts. Being the natural self in front of people without duplicity and conniving is the mantra we should keep on following in 2017. People would value us, trust us and have faith upon us and that way we would have given one of the most trusted presents of 2017 to our loved ones.

Support and cooperation

A surefire winning gift to our loved ones in 2017 would be our unstinted support and cooperation. Unflinching support is what is valued even more than any materialistic thing by people as these tangible goods/products and even intangible services may lose their allure, glitter and utility but our firm support is the sign of our belief, closeness and togetherness with our loved ones. Therefore all whom we know should know that we are around when required and they can count upon us in their hour of need. So let us go all out in 2017 to make it a year of help, support and cooperation in all spheres of life for each other.


The capability to comprehend the internal emotional state that a person is experiencing or going through is what is termed us Empathy. So let us be empathic towards the people who matter to us. Without being judgmental and/or preaching let us harness our emotional intelligence and utilize it by lending our shoulders to all those who need it especially those relatives, friends who are going through various distressing situations in their lives. Our soothing, cooling and softening empathic stance would allow them to recoup, redress and be rejuvenated. It would empower them to bounce back to the normal life and start living happily, joyously. So folks lets march ahead in our drive to have more empathy (along with the natural sympathy wherever required) for our near & dear ones in the New – Year 2017.

Kind words and warm smile

A warm smile is akin to Sunshine and the more we spread it and pass it the more glimmering it becomes and believe me it is an infectious thing, pass a natural warm smile even to a stranger and most often you would be rewarded with equally bright smile which would make the day (or evening) that much more pleasant. So let us start 2017 with a big, broad grin that make the surroundings and people cheerful. Spoken words are often an expression of personality. So let’s charm the world in 2017 with nice, kind and warms words to all the people we greet and meet.

Like all the things cited in this text a smile (and kind words too) does not cost us anything, it is absolutely free (like the other nine elements). Don’t forget to wear your best smile everyday of 2017 and then as you move in society and community let the people slowly get infected by this smiling bug of yours and see them become bright, radiant and sunny. A little secret, children often smile for no reason and in every season. So let’s grab this secret and give it to all who come our way. Parents, children, friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues (even bosses) and strangers too. All would be happy with such a nice present and it can be gifted as many times and as often an occasion demands. Come on Smile now J and if you like "Say Cheese please" :)

Patience & tolerance

We often lose it and then subsequently rue. Yes I am talking about patience. Being patient is one of the best virtues of the world and it makes us appear Godly in front of lesser endowed mortals. So let’s cultivate it in 2017 and harness its fruits by listening to people patiently, by ignoring minor stuff tolerantly, by behaving patiently with all and by living tolerantly with all. Often our small skirmishes in families and workplaces turn into long drawn battles or full blown wars. A little more patience and tolerance from our side would save the day and avoid the unnecessary unpleasantness later on.

So I patiently and tolerantly urge you to give this New Year the unique gift of being more tolerant and more patient than you were the last year to all the people around. Your present would fetch no less reward for you and all the recipients would be humbled and overwhelmed by the wonderful gift handed to them. By the time 2017 ends most of you would have earned the title of (or nicknamed) Ms. Patient and Mr. Tolerant which would be quite an invaluable return gift.  


Genuine praise can inspire people to great achievements and well-earned successes. Instances show sincere appreciation of students’ work and efforts transformed average scholars and mediocre performers into shining examples of outstanding success and changed the course of life and in many cases the destiny itself. Reposed confidence in the ability of others is the hallmark of connoisseurs and winners. They never miss an opportunity to exclaim their appreciation and admiration of great quality in people.  So a wonderful gift that should not wait any new years but should be offered on the opportune and right time is sincere praise and appreciation of a work or action, especially to the youngsters in the family, to children and students and ‘never to forget’ to spouses. Right word spoken at the right time would earn us respect and we would always be welcomed and even hugged by those who receive the gift of praise and appreciation by us.

Personal example of healthy lifestyle

One of the best gifts that we should proudly and happily give in the New Year 2017 to everyone around us including self is leading a healthy lifestyle. The focus for these 365 days and all such every year in the future should be towards a balanced life comprising of healthy eating habits, regular exercise regimen, proper sleep, tobacco and alcohol free living and any other additional feature/attribute which would make us energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, inspired and joyous.

If we want to give this present to our loved ones then first of all we would have to show by personal example how fruitful, enriching and beneficial it is to indulge in healthy living. Sports, outing, camping, developing new habits, passion for teaching-learning, volunteering, cooking, gardening, making new friends, drawing and painting, music & dancing and dozens of similar activities are just the way to get into a healthy frame of mind and wholesome physical state. The advantages that accrue from such an attitude, orientation and practice are almost unlimited and the benefits are availed by each and everyone whoever moves out of his/her comfort zone. Friends in 2017 we will strive to "Be healthy, live healthy and make everyone around healthy".

Thus first thing is to cut out on all junk/fast food, stop smoking/drinking, no late nights, end to a sedentary living and of course a proper balance in work, family and play. The second thing is correct posturing, no slouching/ drooping, increasing the intake of green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and drinking plenty of water during the day. And the third thing is more of fresh air, reading, proper sleeping and less of living in the artificial, virtual world. So let’s greet the reality of 2017 and be in the real world by promising ourselves and gifting all others a 100% happy living and healthy lifestyle by being more with nature and relishing the beauty and bounties of mother Earth all round the year. Wishing everyone a healthy New Year 2017.     

Hope and optimism

And last of all (but which can replace all the other nine due to its potency, soothe, calming and balming effect) is we should always be able to infuse and create hopeful environment (even against most tiring or daunting of situations). Sounding, looking and radiating optimism is one quality that would always creates a positive and joyful neighborhood around us and its contagious, multiplier effect rolls out and rubs on to all those who come in the contact. So projecting and portraying hope to all our relatives, friends and all near/dear ones is what we should definitely do. Hopefully on this Christmas you would not only gift whatever present/object you had thought of and planned for your loved ones, but would happily, merrily and cheerfully give all the above 10 cited things and maybe even more to welcome 2017 on a very warm, optimistic chord full of love, joy, happiness, health and togetherness. And the memories so shared would make the entire 2017 a wonderful happy New Year for everyone around. So let hope be always there in every heart day and night for a better future full of Sun and shining light.
Make the beginning of 2017 on a happy, merry and cheerful note by sharing your love and happiness with all.

З Щасливим Новим роком :) 
Весело та цікаво 2017 вам :) 
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