Vibrational forecast from Lee for May 2023

The May events are directed by the shift of vibrations that occurred on the 20th of April (in the eclipse corridor that began with the solar eclipse on April 20, 2023 and will continue until May 5, 2023). It was a crossing of the border, which can be called «the end of the cycle». And now what is beginning to unfold on Earth is the beginning of a new vibrational cycle.

For society, this means starting all processes at a qualitatively different, higher level. This ultimately makes it impossible to return to past orders, dogmatic systems and everything that was based on the suppression of man by man. Any attempts to restore the «good old order» are doomed to failure simply because they do not match the frequency of the new cycle.

   For individuals, this means choosing between trying to repeat old cycles to destroy themselves or restarting their lives with a more expanded perspective. This can be compared to how the wheels of a train are replaced to run on a different track size. After that, an attempt to backtrack is to hit the old rut, which leads to a crash.

Thus, both in collective and in personal life, two processes can be observed at the same time - the catastrophe of former structures and the rapid growth of new life.

 For nature, this means entering a new state, with a possible reset of the magnetic poles, changes in ocean currents and the attraction, so to speak, of support from space.

 The combination of three factors - social, individual and planetary - all this starts the trends of May.

 If your reaction to such changes is fear, then think about how your belief system is set up. Why exactly the negative scenario comes to mind first? Realizing that this is purely a reaction of your mind will give you the opportunity to consider how to change the beliefs that are not working for you.

If your reaction is one of joyful foreboding, then in each of the three aspects you are definitely seeing and receiving great gifts.

   The launch of a new cycle in society is a step towards the total world of the Earth, it is the support of countries to each other, it is the service of each person for the benefit of each person. And here we are talking not just about a new civilization, but about a new kind of humanity (currently, we are observing the process of transformation of the Western world, in the center of which Ukraine - VZ has found itself).

In turn, people living on the planet today are given the opportunity to change themselves in a way that they could never do. Look at it so that during this period you are standing in front of all the open doors. Once again, all doors are open and you are on the threshold of any opportunity. Everything you knew before as «proven schemes» - all this has lost its meaning. Now there is no proven scheme - neither open nor closed.

Therefore, if you previously defined something as «I can't do it» or «I can't do it», today it has lost its meaning. All doors are open, but you should get rid of old schemes and approaches. The new cycle gives you a chance to realize everything you want not from the position of «press», «finish», «tolerate» and so on, but from the position of «take a step back and start from scratch». But this «zero» is not a loss at all, it means the absence of tension, ease, simplicity, joy and phenomenal speed of completion. After all, this is a completely different approach, which you can now apply to everything.

Changes on the planet are also new opportunities in harmonizing the body, rebuilding the body, achieving the kind of balance that you previously only read about in fantasy books.

The shift of the Earth's vibrations is also the appearance of those options in the body that were previously in sleep mode. Which means the automatic activation of different DNA codes - without any exercises, stresses and complex techniques, you get access to an updated version of your multidimensional genetic code.

A new type of DNA activation doesn't just fall from the sky or be bestowed as a unique gift to the chosen ones. This happens to everyone without exception in the form of an evolutionary process reflected in the vibrations of the planet and in every living being. Also, the new frequency is clearly activated in children, who support with their energy what is happening in society. It seems that adults live in the space of energies of the new generation, using them to change themselves.

The new cycle consolidates private shifts in vibrations, combining them into processes common to all. Everything happens synchronistically and is directed in all directions at the same time. That is, just as there is no one exclusive reason and some culprit of changes, there is no place where they will not manifest.

The entire shift into a new cycle is a common phenomenon for this space-time of the universe. Everything that does not correspond to the expanded state of this process will disappear, crumble or quietly melt away, dissolving into the surrounding harmony of the world.

May is the beginning of a new cycle. Therefore, do not rush with actions aimed at short results. Look at everything that's happening with as wide a perspective as possible to see where you can best focus your efforts. After all, you get access to such grand accomplishments, which you still need to get used to.

Review your opinion about yourself, about other people, about society in general, about the essence of the energies of the planet. Listen to the words children before telling them their banal truths. Perhaps the children have something more important to you.

The pulse of the universe is already vibrating in a different rhythm. The changes that were taking place were a change in the pulse. Now it began to level off, shifting the course of events behind it. Listen up

Lee channel

Freelancer Valery Zmiivsky

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