disclosure the equation of duality in the Matrix

Have you ever wondered how the 3D Matrix works, how it came to be, and how to disconnect from the Matrix?

The self-proclaimed rulers of the Matrix don't want you to know the following secret: The Matrix uses the balancing principle of duality. This principle is a mechanical, not an ethical law.

Even while keeping people in the dark about how reality really works, rulers can manipulate the laws of duality to serve themselves and confuse others. Here's how it works.

It is an equation that must be balanced. If you put on one side of the scales such a gross thing as obscene wealth, then on the other side of the scales, that is, on the other side of the equation, you must put something equal in weight - extreme poverty. There it is, the real key: the two parts of the equation must be equal in weight, not in size.

On a mechanical scale, a tiny bag of lead can balance a huge bag of feathers. Feathers take up more space than lead, but both weigh the same.

The rulers of the Matrix use the mechanics of duality to maintain their position at the top of the pyramid. In their twisted version of the duality equation, one man's exorbitant wealth is balanced by a vast number of very poor people. The two parts of the equation are equal in weight, but not in size.

In the Matrix, wealth must be contrasted with poverty, otherwise it is not considered wealth. In the matrix mind, the concept of total wealth is illogical, it is a contradiction in terms. This is because evaluation is one of the guiding principles supporting the hierarchical system. In the Matrix, not everyone can be equally rich. Someone has to have more than someone else or the system will collapse.

Matrix controllers manipulate duality by placing extremes at opposite ends of the scale. This trick works. He also works with the authorities. One person with a lot of power is balanced by a very large number of disenfranchised population (Putin's Russia - VZ can serve as an example). The definition of power in the 3D Matrix is "power over." The more people the rulers control, the more power they think they have.

Using the simple mechanics of duality, the rulers of the Matrix maintained their enormous wealth and power for centuries. They have set up a hierarchy that puts them at the top. They then reinforced their rule with a belief system for the masses, a fiction created by the rulers to prevent the masses from ever discovering the true nature of reality as they kept the keys of Creation to themselves.

All social structures support the 3D Matrix, promoting the same belief system under different guises (masks), ensuring that the ignorant, exploited masses continue to look for some external power to save them, never knowing that the power they seek is within everyone of them inside.

In duality, we experience separation, from self-knowledge, from "I, the Source" of all that exists. This simple fact of existence was taken to the extreme, and used by the rulers of the Matrix for personal purposes. Their system is based on the ignorance and spiritual immaturity of the population.

The rulers of the world are betting that you will not solve their machinations. The Matrix keeps us in the dark because of our beliefs and fears. It tells us that inequality, greed and exploitation are natural things. When we believe that Earth is a planet of survival, we fear powerlessness and poverty. By immersing ourselves in fear, we reinforce and reproduce the Matrix.

All Matrix systems can be reduced to a few fundamental principles that guide them and provide stability and structure. The basic premises underlying the Matrix are assessment, control and benefit.

Applying the principles of the Matrix practically leads to the following. You may not use them in your life, but you can bet they exist somewhere in the world. Assessment creates inequality. Control leads to exploitation, and profit leads to privatization and competition. Poverty, exploitation and hunger are the result of a profit-driven system that allows some people to profit from the suffering of others.

On the surface it may look normal, but the deeper reality is that everyone becomes involved in the process. No one is free from the karma of the lower consciousness. If one person is enslaved, the whole world is enslaved. If one person is hungry, the whole world is hungry. When a few people control common resources, when they can increase the value of those resources by withholding them from the population, the world experiences scarcity.

Each of the principles supporting the Matrix can be replaced by its exact opposite. The grade is replaced by equality. Control is replaced by respect, the profit of the few is replaced by general prosperity. The old paradigm of control and domination can only exist when the people within it remain ignorant of the greater reality – the reality of Love.

Once a child learns to read, he cannot unlearn reading. She reads wherever she can find letters or text. Likewise, when the consciousness of Oneness, Oneness of connection is attained, you cannot ignore that you know You spread Unity and Love to all around you.

The matrix collapses because its support for fear and scarcity disappears. This is achieved by increasing the number of conscious people who are no longer feeding their energy to the 3D Matrix.


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