The Crooked Statecraft

31 березня 2017
Just like we have the witchcraft, handicraft, aircraft, art & craft, in the context of Ukraine we have “The Crooked Statecraft” which has very interesting interpretation and still surprising connotation.

The first of this sinister and diabolical practice of top politicians is evident from:

The narcissistic orientation, unapologetic attitude centered on self-proclaimed goal of amassing wealth and concentrating power, and to pose publicly as if nothing is happening or no one is noticing is the trick to be learnt from the Ukrainian leaders both of past and present, only the current lot has harnessed the trait to a hilt and pigeon-holed themselves into a make believe world which is far away from the ground reality and actual living conditions of the people in Ukraine. Three years since the revolution of dignity and freedom people looked forward to a reformed political administration, judiciary, police force, customs; lessening (if not complete elimination) of corruption; revival of economy, creation of jobs, an end to Russian aggression and not the endless monologues of leaders on how things are slowly improving. Their actions (rather inactions either ways) give away the truth behind their empty talks and blabbering. The first gospel of this crooked statecraft being applied by Ukrainian politicians is to masquerade as “emperor with new clothes” and consider themselves “above the law” or “the law does not apply to them”.

Second attribute that beats any normal, rational comprehension is single-minded dedication of Ukrainian politicians to amass wealth, especially through ill-begotten efforts. There seems to be a healthy competition amongst them where one tries to acquire as much as possible and as soon as possible. In the race to become rich overnight none of them have the time to notice the beleaguered state of ordinary Ukrainian and even worse that of pensioners who are forced to make ends meet on a meager pension of 1500 Hryvnas. For these politicians that amount would suffice for one evening out for a dinner or just plain fun out with family, friends or in the company of frolickers. Talks of economic development looks good on paper and the political elite excels in the art of ‘Papering (instead of peppering or even pampering) the economy.

And third no less weird that makes Statecraft crooked and akin to pulling a rabbit out of the hat is continued patronage of the enemy businesses and commercial interests in Ukraine. Many of the top ranking Ukrainian politicians are either directly or indirectly connected/related to Russian companies and enterprises, which through their dubious doings and sordid activities make enough ‘Moolah’ to share it with the hard-nosed corrupt Ukrainian politicians. (These Russian groups could be financing the terrorists/extremists waging war against Ukraine under the Russian banner in the Eastern regions).

Amazing it may appear but some of the Ukrainian politicians have their plants, factories functioning in Russia which has occupied Crimea and attacked the Eastern region of Ukraine, where thousands have perished and few die every day fighting for Ukraine. Others have shares or business partnerships in banks, financial institutions which merrily siphon off even the state funds; a few have their overseas or offshore links and associations which again too are connected/related to Russia. These thick-skinned politicians think the rest are fools, nitwits who don’t notice or can’t see and understand that how these politicians are making money at the expense of not only territorial integrity of Ukraine but even sadder and bitter at the expense of Young Ukrainians who are waging battle with Russian troops and fighting with their lives to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which allows these insensitive leaders to sleep peacefully in their palatial residences at Kyiv.

Another mindboggling and horrendous ‘handycraft' of this statecraft is the continuous mercantile links of political establishment with the oligarchs and other business associates in the occupied regions of Luhansk & Donetsk. Deals were brokered and unwritten contracts agreed upon by the Russian terrorists and vested Ukrainian politicians to share the spoils from the occupied territories. When the patriotically inclined Ukrainians launched the blockade of these regions to curb and stop the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” game of Kyiv politicians, then to mask their commercial activities Ukrainian leaders pleaded that it is in the interest of the nation and for the people living there, whereas most residents left in the occupied territories are more or less in the grip of Russian influence and care an iota for the mainland. After three months of this patriotic initiative the state support was extended to the blockade to quell the rising anger among citizens who pretty well understand the double standards of political elite and finally had enough of the Machiavellian methods of the politicians. But as silly and crony as it may sound still not all financial, commercial contacts with the terrorists, occupants and Russians have been cut off by these elected rulers, only where they smell life-threatening danger or perceive that the situation is getting out of control they back out or step sideways otherwise for them filling the coffers is the goal and purpose of their life and the only objective of their tenure in office, irrespective of the rising number of coffins that are being filled up with young, patriotic Ukrainian lives and a damn to the declining living standards and deteriorating quality of life.

These are fragments or extracts of the sinister Statecraft being followed by Ukrainian politicians and a parting shot most of these leaders consider themselves to be of a higher caste, something like “Untouchables” and the fellow brethren/citizen to be stepped over and/or pushed aside. Living in a fool’s paradise the political elite is in a big illusion and if history is any lesson their predecessors too believed in their grand existence and didn’t expect any a fitting reply from the ordinary citizens whom they had taken for granted. Sooner or later the hour of reckoning would loom and there would be no place for these rats and mice to run helter-skelter as they would have been trapped in doings of their own and meet their end as most delinquent egoistic authoritarian politicians receive.

The people justice or people verdict would trounce the wicked statecraft being exercised by the majority of present day Ukrainian politicians and reinforce the belief that average/ordinary Ukrainian cares for his/her nation unlike the wily statecraft of the Ukrainian leaders.

Slava Ukraina – Heroyam Slava! Слава Україні – Героям Слава!

P.S. The dictionary meaning of the word Statecraft is “the art or skill of conducting government affairs”. Ukrainian politicians have perfected this art in the devious manner of carrying out personal/commercial/mercantile affairs in the guise of discharging official responsibilities.
Earlier too, attempts of the similar nature had been made by erstwhile politicians namely Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yanukovich and others. All had bitten dust and paid the price of taking their own citizens for a ride. Many fled just like traitors & crooks, some are whiling away their time in isolation/seclusion and rest has been consigned to dustbins for mockery of democracy. So a word of caution to the current lot, please don’t play with the emotions, rights and aspirations of patriotic Ukrainians for they know how to bring down such dubious/scandalous leaders to the ground. 
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