The Colors of Love

13 лютого 2017
When you are in love or when your heart is full of love for someone (and if you consider yourself to be big-hearted then it can easily accommodate more than just one), the world acquires an altogether new meaning. The Cupid’s arrow that strikes the lovebirds hits them ‘bang-on’ to a terrain that, though has been traversed by billions before, takes the love-struck to a sensationally exciting new world. In their new avatar they find the people around themselves friendlier, dearer; things more desirable and worthwhile; life happier, merrier and joyful; and colors richer, shinier and warmer.

The positive transformation that people in love notice around them is more a reflection of the elevated mental state they happen to be. It is not that the colors have become any different or changed their hues for much crisper and glossier shades as being experienced by the couple or persons inflicted by the ‘overdose of love hormone’ (Oxytocin – is often referred to as the love hormone which provides feelings of pleasure and overall well-being – which the lovers experience during hugging, kissing and/or love-making). The lesser fortunate brethren simply inundated with their day-to-day affairs, mundane existence and plethora of socio-economic responsibilities unsurprisingly fail to observe the beautiful, natural riot of colors that is ever present around. Though they have the similar set of two-eyes, yet caught up in daily grind they don’t pay attention to the simple pleasures and joys the love-struck people almost always without fail discover and bask in.
It is merely that most people are so engrossed in their diurnal ‘clock-work’ routine and the little problems surrounding them that they simply do not to spot the depth and strength that colors posses. Though it may be said that a grandma or a grandpa out with their grandchildren in a park or outfield would as much enjoy the serenity and beauty of the lush green grass, foliage, and shrubbery, as the kids would. Same is with many other categories of people like artists, painters, poets, etc. who too would take pleasure and revel in such places.

The lovers, people in love with nature and naturally kind, goodhearted men and women of all ages would discover the delight and gladness that flowers in bloom bring. For them pink is a softer connotation of romance, gentleness, benevolence. Green is often associated with bounty, abundance, prosperity. Orange sparks energy, vitality, youthfulness. Brown depicts confidence, reassurance, autumn. Blue indicates wisdom, trust, loyalty and is linked with sea and sky. Yellow symbolizes liveliness, cheerfulness, Sunshine and happiness. White is tied to purity, goodness and cleanliness. Each color has something special, unique and symbolic about it. That’s why green is related to fertility and red to power and passion. A detailed description of what colors represent and what qualities or attributes are associated with each color can be easily had on Internet for the inquisitive lot.
The ‘love-blinds’ can see the fantastic richness, diversity and flourish of the colors in all things, especially in flowers, fields, surroundings and landscapes. Rose is just not red, pink, yellow or white – it is a sign of beauty, trust, attraction, joy, togetherness – all of which can be clubbed in one word: love. It is a gift and present that shows a young man besotted with the charms of his ladylove and seeking to draw her closer. Similarly the bright, shining, gleaming colors’ of wedding costumes, especially the bridal attire, is much more than the color of the fabric. It is a synthesis of traditions, customs, desires, bonds, vows, promises and hope – these words combined would mean happiness, togetherness and one word enough for that would be love. Love runs supreme, it transcends all boundaries, it conquers all and brings all kinds of people closer, nearer and together if love is the common binding factor. Love is worship! Love is God!! There is nothing beyond love – O great Lord!!!​

So friends lets be in love and if we have been (in that or there before) then why not be in love again with our spouses (rekindle the glow and delight of romance – go out for a long stroll, cozy yourself in the blankets and read your favorite fictions sharing smiles and stealing that glance which mattered so much 20/30/40 years back, cuddle together to watch a high-dose emotionally rich, colorful “Bollywood” (Hindi) movie or leisurely enjoy that candle-night dinner with red wine together – there are dozens of other recipes that can be tried/applied by couples who want to infuse new stimulant/catalyst in their relationship. Apart from strengthening the love with wife or husband, we can do the same with other people who matter to us – our siblings, friends, close relatives, and even sympathetic/understanding colleagues. We can recharge, refresh, renew the closeness that we once shared with our parents, brothers/sisters, friends, relatives and to do that never is the better time than “Right Now”.

The couple(s) smitten with love enjoy the surroundings, the bounties of nature, the funny side of life simply because their heart is full of the joys and pleasures that mutual love brings and that elevated emotional state does not allow the heart to be burdened with the innumerable mundane affairs and daily chores which really bog us down, weigh upon our mind, restrict and limit our heart to experience the simple pleasures and joys of living a full, wonderful life enjoying the beauty, charm and fun that God has given us aplenty right from childhood in the laps of our parents/grandparents to youthful years in the hugs, kisses, and embraces of our better halves/partners and in the pats on the back from friends/families and in so many different exciting variants all through our lives.
So from today (and if waiting for a more auspicious time then let it be 14th February 2017, the Valentine’s Day), let us pledge, let us promise, let us affirm that we are gonna be in love with ourselves first which would automatically allow us to be stronger, healthier, joyful, cheerful and then let us love and value all the people who are near and dear to us. Also noteworthy and praiseworthy is the time-honored gospel of Jesus Christ “Love Thy Neighbor”. Lastly let us love everything beautiful in nature because then we are gifting ourselves and our loves ones a blissful, smiling present and a lovelier, brighter future.

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