Steady rise to the top - Elina Svitolina moves in "Top 5 of WTA rankings"

13 червня 2017
Ukraine has a new tennis star who is smartly, sincerely, steadily and aggressively moving up on the competitive ladder of international women’s tennis ranking and hierarchy by not only playing well and defeating higher ranked players but by winning various international tennis championships all around the world.

Big Tennis, that’s how ‘Lawn-Tennis’ is also called in many parts of the world is a tough sporting arena with lots of very talented, highly experienced and versatile players competing with one another for top honors. In such a jamboree of fine, excellent and top-notch performers, it is heartening to note that our very own tennis player, Elina Svitolina, all of just 22 years of age from Odessa has made Ukraine and herself proud by climbing the top bracket of women’s international ranking claiming the 5th spot, which is best for any Ukrainian tennis player, male or female so far.

Though she couldn’t reach the finals or claim the trophy at Roland Garros – the venue for the prestigious French Open tournament, Elina Svitolina reached the quarterfinals where she lost to Romanian Simona Halep, whom she had, by the way, defeated three weeks back at the WTA championship that was held in Rome, Italy.

Past victories and major achievements of Elina Svitolina in the year 2017:

In early January 2017, she reached the semi-final of the WTA Premier tournament in the Australian Brisbane, during which she defeated the Olympic champion Monique Puig of Puerto Rico, as well as German Angelique Kerber's the first ranked women player of the world.

At the Australian Open 2017 Svitolina won the first two rounds by defeating Galina Voskoboeva and Julia Boserup, but in the third round, she lost to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

In early February Elina Svitolina won WTA Taiwan Open. This was the fifth single WTA title that Svitolina's won in her professional career.

Svitolina's won her sixth title at the Dubai Tennis Championships in the tournament, which too is rated in the top five-prime level tournaments globally. This victory secured her place in the top dozen players in the world in WTA rankings.

Svitolina won the seventh title at the Istanbul Cup 2017 championship.

Her Eighth title was the victory in the finals of Italian Open 2017, another tournament from the top five premieres championships worldwide.

In the French open, 2017 she lost to her rival Simona Halep of Romania in the quarterfinals but the victories in the earlier rounds moved her one rank above then what she had at the start of the tourney. So in a way, she lost but won a crucial rank and moved a step higher to figure in the ‘TOP FIVE’ players of the world.

Earlier, she was one of the youngest ever to win the prestigious ‘Junior Grand Slam – French Open’ title at the age of 15 in 2010 in France. Later on, as she matured, her game advanced and she scalped top names like Serena Williams of the USA and Angelique Kerber of Germany both being No. 1 respectively at the time of their loss at the hands of Elina Svitolina.

Now Svitolina has to keep up her tempo, build upon the momentum, strengthen her game and set the sight on the top rank – the № 1 spot in the women tennis. Yes, it would not happen overnight but Elina has proved she has the caliber, command and competitiveness so vital for the front rank tennis players of the world. A little bit of luck ably supported by Svitolina’s hard work, smart performance, ambition and the will to win would see her move ahead and eagerly cheering and applauding her in her victories and conquests would be millions of her fans and compatriots who would be no less happier to see their loved tennis star on forward march to glory, fame, global attention and recognition.

Among other leading women tennis players from Ukraine who are doing well internationally we have the following:

Lesya Surenko (Леся Цуренко) – 37 WTA rank
Kateryna Bondarenko (Катерина Бондаренко) – 99 WTA rank
Kateryna Kozlova (Катерина Козлова) – 155 WTA rank
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