Shiny Shadows Fall Asleep

9 січня 2018

For the sake of silence

and the towers we have seen,

and the flags that still flare,

the nostalgia of the future life

and the easiness of mistrust.

For the sake of strangers -

lonely or coupled,

remembered or falsified,

loud or calm.

For the sake of freedom

the way it is seen through the glass

of the media.

For the sake of youth

that should never be over.

All gods and their shadows,

all the people and clones,

all the human beings in the times of


all the circumstances which may arise

won't be able to break the fellowship

in which knowledge and justice are equal.

But for the sake of the hormones

in the body you might assume you possess,

if you peruse words with meaning,

this would be perjury

in the face of Freedom

and the Truth,

in the face of Glory

and Eternity.

For the sake of disambiguation

and taking back what has to be returned,

for the sake of Dignity

and in the name of the rests of Kindness,

apart from loneliness

that makes people 'chew'

each other's identities

and put them

into letters or frames,

on badges or portraits,

if there's any use in me,

I'd like to live both lives -

the tagged one

and the shadow-like one.

Because Utopia only knows which side of the coin we're on right now.  

(c) Maryna Tchianova

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