People like trees

I see people. They walk like trees.

As if everyone was in himself and for himself.

A kind of a human forest.

I may be a tree too, although without roots or fruit

but for the others I am nothing and no one.

Each tree`s eyes fall down.

To see clearly and vividly in everyone

how you grow like love within,

flourish like life

give birth to fruit of humanity.

Give me such eyes that could see You in the other world,

where there are not so much

eyes that have vision

and are not only open.

We grow from one land,

go to another

but on Earth we can be

the basis to the Sky.

I want to see a human being

In me and someone else.

I have no roots but I stretch my branches for us to become roots for each other.

Antonia Zoryana Shelepylo, Ukraine
translated by Maryna Tchianova


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