Krayon. Evolution of consciousness

There is a Shift, and if you look at it only in three dimensions, it is full of change and fear and anxiety and uncertainty. It can relate to the weather, economy, cause problems with family, health, friends or even with work. This is the Shift.

However, another shift is occurring. If you look at it through the prism of quantumness, you will see that it is exactly what we have been talking about for the last 30 years. All the tools are now available to you, absolutely all of them.

All of this is surrounded by what Peggy's teacher calls the «Grid» (Peggy Dubrow's Cosmic Grid Teachings). The Lattice is the personal attribute of the Akashic Records of the human being, the quantum energy that envelops it, which the person can take and use. It includes healing, restoring balance in life, and even mastery.

DNA is just a physical means of moving the quantum structure. Quantum structure is everywhere. You humans will misunderstand this, but your DNA is not compartmentalized. It is all over the universe. The Creator knows who you are, O quantum beings!

If you start activating these parts, your grid will change color. Did you know that?

There are those who believe that this is impossible, that humanity will remain in place and never move from it, that humanity will never develop, will never pass to the next stage of development and will forever maintain a low level of Consciousness.

All this changed in August 1987, when the Earth had a harmonious Convergence. But you don't even remember that. A lot is happening on the other side of the curtain with your participation.

I am Krayon…

I am grateful for the opportunity to send you these messages.

Congratulations, dear humanity, you are on the right path.


 Via Lee Carroll


DNA was gifted to man by our Creator, and during the periods when the Dark Kingdom dominated the planet Earth, it (threads, spirals of DNA) was disassembled and only two were left for us. of those 12 that are inherent in a 3rd dimensional person.

In these times, irradiating a person with cosmic energies, opening for him all new portals and old preserved ones, too, the Higher Beings ensure that other strands (spirals, layers) of our DNA are gradually restored.

7 DNA helices are already available to man today, which can be used to restore our past history, to heal and rejuvenate the physical body, as we are gradually led from the perception of a linear time factor to a spherical one.

Our Creator, our time, and our perception of Him as Truth and Source are also located there in our DNA.

It took humanity millions of years of development and evolution to arrange and activate the 12 strands of our DNA. But this DNA is only in the Earthly Light Body of a person.

And we also have the Galactic body and the Cosmic body. And they will also be involved in the Transition to the Fifth Dimension. The Galactic Light Body has 36 strands of DNA and the Cosmic Light Body has 72 strands of DNA.

 Канал Лоры Шереметьевой

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