Inspiration of Ukraine

4 січня 2018

the country with the biggest percentage of book readers and the one in which scientific social networks are the least popular.

the country with people who are the least tolerant in Europe to following all kinds of rules (apart from Greece)

the biggest percentage of people ready to step on you or push in the public transport.

if your planning goes to nothing even when you use a calculator, a laptop and 2 more gadgets.

if your business partners from abroad think you're a genius and locals think you're a freak.


the biggest short-term (1-3 years) startup and venture investing potential.

IT, art, agriculture, tourist attractions, innovative education.

good writers, nearly heroic liberal journalists.

too many psychologists per capita, including my Dad, my ex. and a bunch of other good folks.

people still get depressed because of economic instability.

the most unpredictable and the most charming,

the most adaptable to change, and in a way

the loneliest.

Playing Cassandra is by far the biggest thing I can do here.

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