In March, the world switches to a more accelerated Timeline

In March, the world moves to a faster time scale (time speeds up), heading for even more madness, with bank failures, ongoing wars on the planet, and changing weather, including earthquakes. Now you need to concentrate and be ready to make important decisions. This is not a call for fear, but a call for greater attention and concentration.

It is helpful to realize that what is disappearing from your life is probably no longer serving or allowing you to step into a higher vibrational frequency. Understanding this can take the stress out of the situation you find yourself in. You may find that whatever is leaving you is related to a previous trauma or exists at a denser frequency than the one you are currently moving in.

Many things now need to disappear from your life so that you can realize more of your Higher Self, which is now descending into your body and anchoring there. Also, it will be helpful to realize that any difficult experience you are going through (feeling) is happening to strengthen you and help you step into the strength and wisdom within you that you don't even know exists.

These times require this process so you can handle what lies ahead. Sometimes you may find yourself in a tense situation in which you do not have time to think about the next step or make an informed decision. You just need to act and believe that you are on the right track.

We must learn to be more and more spontaneous in everything, no matter how scary it is. This is how you naturally respond to situations when you are in multidimensional consciousness. You make spontaneous decisions based on inner guidance, knowing that your Higher Self is guiding you in the best way.

You may also experience some anxiety in response to such situations. But if you continue to trust everything that awaits you, you will later find that you made the best decision. We are all training now in these transitional times. Everything that is happening is preparing us for the leap of Consciousness, this is what we came to planet Earth for.

It's not easy, but sometimes what seems overwhelming and senseless is necessary to release centuries of control and programming and the traumas we've experienced in previous incarnations.

Now it is necessary to learn to act according to the inner priority (our intuition) that guides us in these troubled times, and not rely too much on various external teachings and teachers.

Recently there has been an increase in solar activity and many are experiencing the intensity and effects of the highest levels of Light. Our physical nature is transformed. We are moving into a higher Timeline associated with the Age of Aquarius.

Not everyone will follow this path, so many will not change for various reasons. The split is already here. You will see that many will oppose you and your beliefs. They prefer to stay in the 3D timeline of fear. They have a choice: step into their heart and power, or remain in the 3D world of mind control that manipulates people's behavior.

The awareness that these mental processes have been imposed on us will come to the fore as you return to the freedom of your original essence, Love and Light. Our DNA template is being recalibrated and updated by questioning everything external forces are telling you, not judging or blaming others, knowing that it is all imperfect and that the grand scheme of the New Earth is unfolding.

This is the final powerful reboot. Many will try to hold you back, control you, manipulate you to prevent you from reaching your highest stature and embracing the Light within your being of Love and Light. They will strike fear into you because of their own fear of the Light. They will do their best to keep you on a low vibrational frequency.

Stand in your power and don't let others hold you back. You were born to be a free sovereign being of Love and Light. It is a process and it is important to remember to be kind to yourself as you untangle and release the false beliefs that have been imposed on us in this and past lives on planet earth.

Be in the here and now and realize that you are not who you were told you were. This is the greatest gift of your freedom. You are a Divine Spark with a fire burning inside.

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