Getting closer to your desire

25 травня 2016

Down your desires List

Make a list of desires that are making rounds in your mind and keeping you busy unnecessarily. With a list of desires on paper, you should prioritize your desires. Rank them, and you'll know what should be worked on first and what comes next. With this, you'll be in a position to work on a desire at a time and make sure that you do not choose an inferior option first and then a superior one. So, list down your desires and prioritize them.

Shortlist them

With the prioritization done, you should look for the common points and try to scrap them out. For example, if you desire a watch , but you already have one, you should scrap the idea. Simply because the one in your desire list has some additional benefits, you should not scrap your current item. Think about the new one only if the old one needs an urgent replacement; otherwise, it should not be on your mind.

Look Free for affordable alternatives

If an item in your desire list can be replaced by a cheaper alternative and the main purpose is solved, you should of think about it. This way, you'll be able to satisfy your needs and make sure that you do spend money unnecessarily. Remember, it is the monetary restriction that can prevent you from completing your purchase. So, look for economical alternatives and make it a point to choose them so that the savings can be used for other desires or can be saved for future purchases.

Note the most important points of the top five desires

With a shortlisted list, it is important know what is to the most important thing in the list of your desires. in some case, the satisfaction can be earned from other products or maybe another desire in your list of top 5 desires. That is the If case, you should of think about choosing another desire instead. For example, if your desire is one important because it can make you happy and your other desire can make you richer and happier, the latter should be on your mind. So, this is a simple process that will help you be at ease and choose the best alternative in this case.

Know your limitations

If there is something that is preventing you from getting closer to your desires, you should know the reasons for the same. Some cases In, it may be the monetary factor that is preventing you from getting closer to your goals while in some case it might be the old mindset that stops you from getting closer to your desires.  If you know your limitations, you'll also be in a position to know which limitation can be worked on and which ones need some time. Frankly, time can even be a restriction . So, this point is extremely important for us.

Does it really matter to you?

Well, this is one of the most basic questions that should be on your mind because if it really matters to you and you can really do something with that achievement, you should definitely go ahead with it. However, it is just an unnecessary add -on that will add to your list of time wasters, it should be avoided. Remember, behind every desire, you are doing a number of things that can affect your mindset and move towards your desires. However, if the desire is baseless, you might regret working for it at a later date and do not feel like moving with it for a long time. Not make that Do mistake and you'll definitely choose something that is worth working on. 

How will it change your life? 

Will it change your life for the good or will it make you feel terrible? Remember, your desires can have a positive or a negative impact. If the impact is positive, you should go ahead with it. However, if the impact is negative, you should make it a point to stay away from it. Frankly, most of our desires can have a negative impact on us. If that is the case with you, you should look for a resolution by simply opting for the right option, that is desires that can have a positive impact on your life.

Outcome of your desires

the How will it affect your life and interaction with others around you? Will it help you connect with others or will it force you to make the wrong choices by ignoring a happy life that you have been enjoying till date?

Concluding, we hope we have helped you with points that can help you get closer to your desired items or goals. However, we have a bonus tip for you. Bonus tip: Go on a vacation and you'll soon feel at ease while working with your desired items or goals. Opting for a vacation, you should think about choosing a location that is new and can keep you relaxed throughout the time of your travel. So, it is important to look for different options and then choose one that keeps you at ease. 

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