Five new interesting happenings in or about Ukraine

25 травня 2017

Top 10 types of tea that are worth drinking

It is summer time and season for cold and chilled drinks. Juices, soft drinks are not only the options that would quench your thirst but energize and cheer you up. Aromatic teas are another alternative that would give you relief, comfort in the hot season and bring in refreshing thoughts full of health and happiness.

Generally, most teas are brewed as standard: take a teaspoon with a pile of plant leaves that you like, fill with a full glass of boiling water and let it brew for about 10 minutes. To have a fragrant and constant aroma of tea, it should be poured into a thermos or other closed dishes. After brewing, strain into a cup and enjoy your sip of a healthy, delicious, tasty tea.

TOP-10 delicious plants for brewing tea:

  • Thyme;
  • Chamomile;
  • Rosehip (slightly crush the dried fruit before brewing)
  • Clover;
  • Lemon Mint
  • Fennel (rhizomes, seeds)
  • Strawberry leaves;
  • Lavender;
  • Linden/Tilia.

Kyiv to have more hand-pumps/bore-wells of artesian water

Kyiv is the only city in Ukraine, where there is a broad system of artesian water. And it continues to grow! The city administration has started construction of new six new boreholes in different regions of Kyiv. The new bore-wells would incorporate latest technology in their design and functionality. They would be easy to handle, simple to maintain, and comfortable to use. This was stated by the deputy mayor of Kyiv Petro Panteleeva.

The following year, that is 2018, would see an addition of 12 such new, modern bore-wells/hand-pumps which would allow inhabitants of Kyiv easy and hassle-free access to high-quality potable water. It was also stated that 75 old bore-wells/hand-pumps have been renovated and modernized for the comfort and service of Kyiv residents. 

Facebook and Google+ witness a big increase in the audience in Ukraine after the blocking of Russian propaganda sites

According to the recent research done by Kantar TNS SMeter, Facebook and Google + saw a leapfrog in their audience on the second day after the announcement of the blocking of Russian web-resources in Ukraine. The daily coverage increased by 37% and 85%, respectively, compared to last week.

Similarly, the daily coverage of Ukrainian resources, and for May 17 compared with last week also increased by 32%, 35%, and 36% respectively.

"Most of all, Facebook has seen a significant growth in the east of Ukraine because prior to the Government’s gag order of Russian sites the penetration rate was quite low; similar situation was reported concerning, the fastest growth has been observed in the age group 14-20 years, who are the quickest and swiftest to embrace innovations – this segment has reported the biggest increase in the Facebook audience. in the study.

Reassuring dataon quotas on radio: National Council

Broadcasters in Ukraine are implementing the government quotas on the volume of Ukrainian-broadcast content.
This was told by the head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Yury Artemenko, to the media.

"If we look at current the situation, only a few companies did not fulfill the mandatory rule of broadcasting the minimum content, as envisaged by the law, in the Ukrainian language. Such radio companies have been slapped the fine of 5%. On the other hand, the majority of radio companies are carrying out the government regulation of relaying at least 30% of their content in Ukrainian, not even waiting until September or October, as demanded in the regulation, "- said Artemenko.

According to him, emergence and growth of quotas on Ukrainian songs and music on the radio have contributed to the enhancement of quality of Ukrainian songs. To keep up with the minimum 30% content which would steady increase in the coming years, Ukrainian radio companies are encouraging newcomers, especially young boys and girls to develop their songs, music and albums in Ukrainian language, which is a very healthy sign of renaissance of Ukrainian music on radio and other broadcast media, resumed the head of the National Council.

Kyiv celebrates the Ukrainian bicycle day

Thousands of fans of healthy and active lifestyle joined in Kyiv recently to participate in the national cycling day.
This is one of the most important holidays of our country as cyclists through their rally and rides once again draw attention to the need to create safe conditions for cycling within the country.

The main message that the cyclists, that had gathered from all over the Kyiv, conveyed was significance and value of security, comfort, and safety of the cyclists on the roads of Ukraine.

And as a bonus:

Pleased to greet Elina Svitolina on her great win over her rival in Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) championship held in Rome, where she defeated Simona Halep from Romania in the finals.

This is the fourth title Svitolina has won this year. She previously won in Taiwan, Dubai, and Istanbul, totaling eight titles so far.

The victory takes Elina Svitolina to sixth place in the ranking of WTA, setting a new record for Ukraine.
Also next week Svitolina would be the top seed in the next WTA championship title.

In addition, our tennis champion has booked her spot in the French Open at "Roland Garros" by figuring in the top eight players for the French tournament.
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