February 2023 vibrational forecast from Lee

In February, there is an increase in the overall vibrational background and, as a result, a decrease in the energy density of the planet. This is perceived as a kind of softening of matter, that is, events and circumstances become less defined.

Even when they happened quite simplistically, it can be said that every truth in February becomes a half-truth. This will lead to the effect of defocusing and stratification of the events taking place on Earth.

It will be possible to observe this in real time. Here is something, and immediately it changed to something else, or completely disappeared. People may perceive this as a paradox because opposite events will exist at the same time.

Attention to one of the options can shift the final manifestations to the side of its realism, hiding from attention the other possibility, and the ability to see both poles at the same time will open the way for you to create a third option of your own. It will become your personal little magic that you are unlikely to be able to show to another person.

You will know that you have created something like this within the two polar events, but it will only manifest in your focus of attention. However, since paradoxes will manifest themselves in everyone, your story will be believed by those who are on the same vibrational frequencies as you. When you share similar accomplishments with each other, you will confirm your own adequacy and help the other person believe in their strengths.

The layering of events will occur at small amplitudes of deviation, so they will be revealed in the minutiae of the current day and will become visible in the form of short bursts of surprise. Sometimes things will seem strange to you, but if you look closely at such strange events, you will be able to record them and increase the degree of change of events. That is, adding more attention and confidence to one of the poles of events will help you create an extended version of the desired deviation.

It will be something like an order of magnitude increase in what is in one short event. From the usual one event, you will be able to make two events in an extremely unusual way. You will have two options for the creative approach of creating a new variant of events against the background of two opposites and rocking the desired variant within one of the poles. For example, when choosing between «is» and «no», you can choose two «is» events, or choose «was but disappeared».

Depending on your need to double something or get rid of something, you can choose the result you want. Both options assume that you understand what is happening precisely as a paradox of possibility, and not as someone's mistake or your own misunderstanding for people living in the automatic mode of the 3D Matrix. The vibrational shift that occurs will manifest itself in a feeling of intense distraction or confusion. It will seem to them that they are constantly being deceived and that their environment is preparing a conspiracy against them.

So that within such communities (people who live in automatic mode) the time of collective paranoid phenomena will come. They will accuse each other of treason and, just in case, will unite according to the principle of «friendship together» against the «third». It is these people and communities who have to constantly change partners, making someone third «extreme», which leads to situations known as spider-in-a-jar behavior. At the same time, the possibility of unconscious, so to speak, magical amplification of negativity will increase.

These can be situations when people persistently wish to choose the negative pole, rocking themselves with undesirable consequences. At the same time, these people will see both poles, but for their own personal reasons, they will prefer the scenario (position) that is unfavorable for them, so the events on planet Earth will also be stratified into two vectors.

On the one hand, creative abilities are awakening in a large number of people, and many unusual discoveries and events await us. On the other hand, some people may be involved in the disclosure of so-called «conspiracy theories». As a result, some people will see headlines about some wonderful phenomena or events, and others about how they found the culprit or the culprit in some corruption case.

Until the end of February, it is worth paying attention to the fact that there are two vectors of collective reality. Then you will see in them the main paradox of the entire month - the possibility of two types of society coexisting on the planet. It can be said that this is an observation of the formed barrier between different realities.

When you consider this, you will personally receive another bonus, you will begin to recognize the very possibility of your shift in different versions of the universes. And a similar skill can be further developed better and better in the most unexpected qualities.

So deploy the energies of February to your advantage regardless of what happens in the outside world. Remember that the fluctuation of the probability of various events is not a one-time phenomenon, it is a general trend of the month.


Channel Lee

Freelancer Valery Zmiivskyi

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