Celia Fenn.
Liquid Light Tsunami and X Class Solar Flare

Right now we are in the midst of a powerful tsunami of liquid Plasma Light energies and a powerful X-class flare. Powerful high-frequency waves are coming to the Earth one after another, their ups and downs are becoming more and more frequent.

The Liquid Light that poured through the Aquarius Gate on February 2nd, 2023 has completely flooded the Earth and is sweeping away the negative areas of density and Darkness in our lives and on the planet. This creates turbulence and chaos, both on the planet and in our lives.

Now, more than ever, we need to walk the path of a pure heart, where we maintain crystalline Consciousness and Love, and compassion for all life on Earth at this time of great transformation.

New Earth is entering new levels of purification. The X Class Solar Flare sends out powerful light codes to initiate new forms of life and social interaction, forming new communities of Light and Joy.

Powerful Class X light codes from a Solar Flare can cause symptoms of malaise. On the physical level, rapid heartbeat, up to arrhythmia, migraine, numbness of parts of the body, fainting and many other symptoms are possible. So don't worry if you're feeling a little out of sorts, out of shape, emotional or depressed. The effects of impact on the physical body will be different for everyone, but the cause is always the same - quantum waves.

Powerful forces are now at work creating a New Earth and a future timeline (the New Time Spiral). Just go with the flow and surrender to what manifests and takes form as the new manifests, and then we become the new lords of the vibrational frequency on the New Earth, New Lemuria. With each burst of solar activity, the high frequency energies will increase and remain at a new level.

Keeping yourself in stable emotional shape is very important now. Today, the replacement of the old with the new is happening everywhere. More and more of our old acquaintances leave our circle of communication, but soon others take their place. That is why we often dream of former acquaintances, friends and connections. This is how our deeply rooted karmic knots are untied. Do not cling to dreams, in them we work out many fears and problematic situations that we cannot deal with in physical life.

The Schumann resonance responds to the cosmic currents coming to us through the Sun. That is why solar storms often occur. People are prone to their influence, so with the peaks of solar flares there may be more and more different symptoms. Man-made disasters are becoming more frequent. Many deaths are inevitable among people who have no chance to accept new high-frequency energies due to excessive physical, mental and emotional pollution, aggressive unwillingness to change something in themselves and their lives. Outbreaks of cancer will be observed in those who, contrary to numerous signals, refuse to reconsider their attitude to what is happening. Elderly people will also have a hard time, so it is important to give them more attention and help.

The most important thing now is to keep the personal situation under control, to keep calm.


March 5, 2023. Celia Fenn. Interdimensional flow

Interdimensional flow. This is the name Archangel Michael gave me for the energy experience we are going through in March 2023.

This is the result of the intense flow of liquid Light energies in February and the intense X-class solar flares that bombard planet Earth. This process transforms our DNA to finally transform us into the multidimensional New Earth Consciousness.

The Old Timelines are disconnected to give the place a material expression of the New Earth.

The symptoms are a deep sense of disconnection and chaos.

I often wake up in the morning with no sense of where I am in the space-time continuum. I need a few moments to reconnect with Earth and March 2023. This is because we are in many other places in our Galaxy, especially during sleep and at night.

As old patterns of individual belief dissolve, so does physical discomfort and cleansing. This process is very similar to what happened in 2013 after the great Earthquake of December 2012, only much faster. We do not have time to breathe as other changes take place.

They turn us 180 degrees so that we see life from the other side. Those who carry the emerald heart codes in their DNA will create the New Lemuria.


 Канал Лоры Шереметьевой

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