Bishop Saint-Germain
The next Quantum Leap is coming

OMAR AND SATT, my dear friends, are members of a single collective Consciousness.

(With these words, as a greeting, which is probably considered cosmic, the authors who belong to the Kryon school of Sabina Sangitar (Germany) begin their texts, and this greeting probably came from her, and her students spread it further)

The Keeper of the Violet Flame, Bishop Saint-Germain, is speaking to you.

So the time has come for big changes on the pearl of the Universe - planet Earth.

I want to warn you and prepare you for the next quantum leap, which will take place over 9 days from April 18 to April 26, 2023.

At this time, there will be an increase in the vibrations of not only the planet, but also every divine Soul who is ready for it. Time accelerates and prepares you for awareness so that you fully understand yourself and your purpose in the responsible period of time for which you incarnated on Earth.

All of you who have incarnated at this momentous and very responsible time have decided to conduct a unique experiment of the Creator, and help in the Transition of the planet Earth from the third dimension to the fifth dimension together with you in your physical bodies. To be honest, the Creator's experiment is unique in that it has never happened before in the world.

In order for the aspect to move into a higher dimension, it was necessary to raise the level of spiritual development from incarnation to incarnation, thereby raising one's vibrations and awareness of one's unity with the Creator.

Now, the Creator is giving everyone, without exception, high-frequency energies and the opportunity for the awakening of every divine Soul, and the realization of oneself in unity with him, and the transition to a higher level of development. If a person understands himself at this moment, then everything will quickly stabilize.

Currently, you need to be mindful of the health of your physical body, as your bodies are undergoing intensive restructuring and this is accompanied by a breakdown in your health. At the same time, an increase or decrease in blood pressure, dizziness or headache, pain in the joints, lower back, the appearance of an iron taste in the mouth and exacerbation of existing chronic diseases are possible.

These are all signs of the process of aligning, stabilizing and assimilating the high frequency energies of the Creator from the Central Sun, raising your vibrations, releasing the Light and Love stored in your hearts.

Let there be Light!

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