A direct clash between the forces of Light and Darkness

In 2023, some of those who successfully hid in the shadows will show their true colors. Attempts to hide will stop from below. The time for reasoning turns to the time for action.

If we do not use these energies, then the cycle, but without the participation of people, will repeat itself in 2027 (this primarily concerns Ukraine, which is waging two wars: external - with Russian aggression and internal - with corruption of government officials - VZ), when humanity will still will come or be brought to the phase of active action.

It will be impossible to hide behind words (which is what the corrupt Ukrainian government is doing now, trying to preserve the "green Bolshevism" regime in Ukraine - VZ). It will be necessary to demonstrate cases. The people are gradually becoming the chief judge or standard of affairs. This will be more pronounced in 2024 (it is in this year that the presidential and parliamentary elections are to be held in Ukraine - VZ).

But we will see the first results of the change of Consciousness in three waves of events: spring of 2023 – March, April; August and October 2023; November 2023. What was stored in the field of feelings or the mental field will be realized in the form of actions and the first results will be obtained. Why three waves? Humans are empowered to correct outcomes and adjust events through actions.

We have entered the short circles of time loops that form limited planes of events. On the one hand, we, concentrating on a bright series of events, do not see the whole picture, and this limits our horizons. On the other hand, this same peculiarity of the perception of events does not give us the opportunity to include the most destructive mechanism - to enter into a resonance that is deadly for the entire planet.

Therefore, the Hierarchy of Time artificially broke the flow of time into separate pieces from the general fabric of existence, and the action of these pieces was limited by space. Rather, the effect of time fractals extends to separate pieces of space and are not coordinated with each other. Events in one part of the space can and will be repeated, then they will have a different sensory content.

The motto of 2023 for some countries will be destruction, for others - awareness, and only by the end of 2023 will creation manifest itself.

These rather general slogans force you to consider what "destruction" is, what "creation" is for you, and what "awareness" is for you. And depending on your personal perception, your life will be built as well.

As soon as a person asks himself a question and honestly answers it, he is able to change his space, and accordingly, change his life, and influence the events of his time fractal.

The acceleration of events in 2023 can be compared to the time of 40 years.

You will live this term in one year. This is the term you allow yourself to live through, to stay between incarnations, to emerge renewed into the New Reality.

The world created these opportunities for you.

Dispose of them divinely.

May the Light be with you.


 Канал Мировой Ченнелинг

Freelancer Valery Zmiivsky

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