25 years of Ukrainian-Indian diplomatic relationship

20 березня 2017
Ukraine attained its independence from the USSR on 24th of August, 1991. As a free, sovereign state it started the process of initiating and developing diplomatic relations with all the leading nations of the world. From 1991 onwards to 2017 Ukraine has established its diplomatic missions and consular ties with more than 175 countries globally. It has been a quarter of century since Ukraine achieved the long cherished dream held by millions of its inhabitants and citizens – securing freedom from Russian subjugation and having an independent state of its own.

The occurrence that had almost looked impossible for well over three centuries came true when the erstwhile Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight of misguided policies, totalitarian structures, dictatorial communist rule and undemocratic principles. The aftermath was the much sought after independence and freedom for the 14 republics, including Ukraine, that had been annexed and/or occupied by Russia after the end of World War IInd and forcibly made a part of the former USSR.

With most countries Ukraine is celebrating its silver jubilee of establishing diplomatic ties and India is one of them. Matter of fact, India was among the first nations that immediately accorded Ukraine the recognition of independent statehood and welcomed it to the comity of full-fledged free, sovereign nations that could set their own national priorities and work out its international responsibilities without interference or pressure from any third country in the internal matters and external affairs. 

The Embassy of India in Kyiv was established in May 1992 and Ukraine opened its Mission in New Delhi in February 1993. Even before its independence Ukraine was valued as a trustworthy partner by Indian side and it’s sovereign, free status from 1991 further intensified the contacts and added depth to the bilateral relationship.
Let us take a quick look at what all has been gained (pluses) and missed (minuses) in these 25 years of mutual diplomatic relations and ties.

On the political front:
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