JUST LVIV IT: Favourite Places to Visit in Lviv

Lviv is a truly unique city that looks European more than other places in Ukraine. Combination of serenity and modernity here is just right. Everything looks pretty ordinary here but it’s either people or places or something else that makes you want to come back over and over again. What I like here is that the city has been very open to tourists in recent years. Locals might have gotten a bit tired of noise but tourists aren’t at all tired of Lviv and they prove it by maintaining the flow  

Above all, personally I associate Lviv with coffee, wine, chocolate and cheesecake. So, that’s exactly what I order in most of the places to compare the tastes. However, there are places where you just can’t help taking a home brewery beer, best potato pancake or perfectly grilled meat.

1. Trout, bread and wine

This is one of those places where you can’t decide what’s your favourite on the two-page menu. Chef’s dish is a trout or baked fish (they say the fish is from Carpathians). Quite affordable prices for wine considering that you are in Lviv (rose - is my favorite) and incredibly delicious ‘Kanapkas’ which is more of a bruschetta with gorgonzola, pears and various meat delicacies.

2. Wine boutique "Cafe 1"

Located in the most central city center which you just can’t miss. If you are lucky to get a table because the place is usually crowded, order a quiche-pie made of short dough with various fillings - it is fabulous. I also recommend apple strudel, they serve it big and tasty with ice-cream.

Both outside and inside each table is unique, there are extraordinary pictures, posters and paintings on each wall. Feeling cozy, almost like home - that’s the impression I got from Cafe 1.

3. Kumpel

I’ve been here only once (couldn’t manage to get a table here before) but I got a great impression. Firstly, they have their own brewery and secondly, the beer is really nice. We ordered every sort to taste (they have this option) and I liked about a half: all dark and honey ones. That’s a big point, since beer is not my drink of choice . Besides, the menu is rich with all those sausages, potato pancakes and local Hucul dishes, fried potato varenyky and literally, all you could wish for. Neat interior in the style of English pubs and the service is very friendly. I will definitely call at this place once again.

4. Bread and wine

That’s my favourite one. And frankly speaking I don’t even know why. They do have a great wine assortment and even wine on tap is good; they have the best and the richest cheese plate, the one you would definitely want to post on Instagram before eating; delicious Greek bougatsa, various Italian and Mexican bread snacks. Yeah, now I remember why I like it so much . Besides, I simply adore the sandstone style with ancient furniture, candle light and tables covered with lace. You feel like you are tasting dishes in the 17th century.

5. Lviv Coffee Manufacture

Almost everywhere in Lviv you get good coffee but that’s where the coffee is just "right", like they say at 23 restaurants. Freshly fried and blended coffee beans that is far from 3 in 1 coffee stick, very far. In addition, they serve fresh desserts every day, traditional strudels and cheesecakes, eclairs and napoleon. It’s hard to resist and so I surrender. You can also buy this coffee for a souvenir or to take it home. Interior is nice with bright accents well combined with shabby chic wood.

6. Lviv Chocolate Factory

This place is not only popular in Lviv but all over Ukraine, furthermore, many ‘factories’ have been opened in other cities (Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa, Kharkiv). If for any reason you have not called at this place and haven’t seen this chocolate kingdom yet:

you just ain’t seen nothing yet!

First of all, if you are not a fan of chocolate, like myself, these sweets are different and you will like them. Milk, black, white, with nuts, raisins, dried apricots, pepper or even with marzipans, it’s flavor is so great that writing about it makes me dream of it. Even if you don’t want/don’t like it, take a cup of melted chocolate, because missing this place means missing out on Lviv.

7. Post office on Drukarska street

I always write about meals and what to order but here I will focus on the interior: the place positions itself as the last post office in Lviv and all the exterior and interior walls represent old postcards with city spots. You could watch them for hours. You can even make a postcard of your own in a very special way. And the last point goes to pies! No, this time not varenyky but those small ones like English meat pies. They serve it with spinach and chicken, brynza and vegetables and my favorite one is filled with onions and brisket. If you order to go, they wrap it nicely in sack kraft paper and a paper box trimmed like a parcel. Try this!

pictures provided on the website of ‘!Fest’ Holding of emotions

8. Champagneria Х'n'Х

New restaurant in Lviv which I have not managed to enjoy fully yet but which has whetted my appetite. They serve hotdogs and khachapuri and offer to take those with a variety of champagnes. Quite a weird combination but feedback on the internet proves that people like it. I was treated to a glass of Prosecco which is usually served with strawberry and amazed with their unbelievable floor tile. For that reason only I will come back to this place. Open kitchen and nice interior also add to the atmosphere so there are always many visitors.

Peculiarity of places in Lviv is that each place’s musthave is comfy stay along with delicious meals. The place always has an attraction that makes you want to come back again. And that is so great because each place has its ‘soul’, its image which makes the place special and unique, something more than just a coffeehouse, pub or a restaurant.

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