Please read terms and conditions carefully before publishing your works and using published materials.

By registering on the website you confirm your consent with the existing conditions and obligation to follow the rules stated below.


To become an author on one has to register.
In order to register, author has to click “Registration” in the upper right corner of the page. Enter your name, email, nickname and password or click “Register via Facebook” button. The nickname you enter will be indicated in the URL to your page (your subdomain).

You will then receive confirmation message at your email address. By following link sent to you, you will be redirected to the edit profile page, where you will need to add some information about you and your works and indicate what type of works you want to publish (photo, video, articles, interview). If you do not do this, administrator will not be able to give you necessary permission.

After your application is confirmed by the administrator you will be able to publish materials. (You can publish materials by clicking “Add” button in your cabinet)

Author accepts terms and conditions by registering, receives access to publishing materials and agrees to receive daily and weekly digest from UaModna.

But the administration leaves the right to decline any registration.

How to publish materials:

UA Modna provides opportunity for everyone to publish their own works and choose their theme.

By publishing content, author guarantees that he/she has all the rights to use published materials. Author guarantees compliance of the published materials with the existing laws. Publishing materials gives the right for the administration to edit it and share it publicly without any payment and unlimited in territory and time. Author gives limited rights to website visitors to access materials and to use them in personal noncommercial purposes. In case of creating materials ordered by UA Modna editorial board, all the rights for such materials belong to the board. Access to the information on the website is granted to authors and users exclusively for personal review. Website administration does not bear responsibility for the materials intactness.

There are some rules and instructions that have to be followed when publishing materials. Thus, if you decided to publish your works on our website, remember:


  • publish materials violating laws of Ukraine or human rights.
  • Publish materials containing threats, calls to violence, discrediting other people, have racial content, promote religious, national or any other intolerance.
  • Publish marketing materials of any type (without having permission from the administration)
  • Publish materials having strong language or erotic, abominable, pornographic content.

In case of incompliance with any of these rules UA Modna has the right to delete materials from the website. In case of second violation of the rules the author will be denied the right to publish materials on UA Modna.

UA Modna administration leaves the right to choose authors to publish materials on the website and to choose materials that will be featured on the home page.

If the administration thinks that the materials theme does not comply with the project concept, author may be denied the right to publish his/her works without further explanations.

Deleting profile

If you no longer wish to use your UA Modna page, you can delete your profile: go to the edit profile page and click the button down the page.

Please note, that UA Modna administration leaves the right to further publish your materials that were featured on the home page.

All your materials featured on the home page after you deleted your profile will be published from the Editor name.

UA Modna administration can delete the publication in separate cases only for substantial reason.

Using the website:

Author is obliged not to use website in illegal purposes or any other purposes that do not comply with the rules.

Users are obliged not to use the website for:
  • Threatening other people
  • Publishing vulgar, abominable or illegal materials
  • Pursuing any illegal goal
  • Publishing materials about sale or purchase of any products or services (except for those allowed by the administration)
  • Publishing materials by other author’s name

Commenting on the publications:

Reprinting articles, using photo and video materials of the UA Modna website

Rights for the publications on UA Modna website belong to their authors and are protected with copyright laws of Ukraine. Website editors use authors’ materials only in demonstrational purposes. UA Modna does not deny the use and share of published materials on other websites and resources, but in compliance with the following rules:

  • Reprint, full or partial use of materials are allowed only with indicating as a source
  • Internet resources can publish articles, photo and video materials only with active hyperlink to the website:
  • Sharing text, photo and video materials to social networks is allowed only with active hyperlink to UA Modna website
Follow the described above RULES and your creative life on UA Modna will be full of excitement!
Leave comments on the publications can both registered and not registered users.

If you like a publication, you can leave your comments on it. Website administrations has positive attitude about discussions, but comments should be relevant to the publication theme. Do not deviate from the theme!

If the comments will contain strong language, will be abusive to the author or will lead to the argument, UA Modna editors leave the right to delete it. Please, avoid abusive comments!

Website administration has negative attitude about racism, homophobia, sexism or other way of disrespect.

Flood and spam messages in comments will be immediately deleted.

Users can inform administration about the breach of rules and administration will review the issue.

Do not leave your personal information in comments and publications.