The Carpathian Mountains - are majestic cliffs represented by one of the largest mountain massifs in Europe. Anyone who visited this place could probably talk about its beauty for hours, unable to hold emotions and feelings. However, there is no story about Carpathians as good as a hike to these boundless valleys. There is everything you need for a vacation with kids, parents or your beloved one. We will refer to the places of interest worth visiting both in winter and summer in the following paragraphs.

Where to go in summer

Don’t listen to people who say there is nothing to in Carpathians in summer, they are very wrong. Marvelous landscapes together with natural reserves and natural monuments will leave no traveler indifferent.

Of all popular places, the following are considered to be very special:
  • Carpathian tram;
  • Dovbush rocks;
  • Castles of Transcarpathia;
  • Carpathian valleys.

"Carpathian Tram"

The only narrow-gauge railway on the territory of Ukraine. Long ago the railway was meant to transport timber and was very useful in manufacturing. With the new age the railway was neglected for a while. However, today this is one of the most famous cultural sites.

Dovbush rocks

Who hasn’t heard about Dovbush rocks yet? These majestic and huge caves and cliffs reaching up to heights of almost 80 meters are impossible to forget. Due to their shape you can easily climb on top of a cliff to see local landscapes and get fascinated by the beauty of nature and its exquisite masterpieces. Besides, you will get carried away by historical legends and stories about these massive rocks.

Castles of Transcarpathia

These are dozens of cultural sites which had been built by various nations for centuries. You simply can’t but pay attention to them and once you visit one of these places, you will never forget it. Marvelous, mysterious and majestic, they will take you back to the times of knights, monarchs, dukes and princes. In addition, they keep a great deal of secrets that you can learn from a guide or local population.

Carpathian valleys

Carpathian valleys make an exciting landscape which is considered a peculiarity of this region. This unforgettable view will touch your heart letting you take a lungful of pure mountain air, nice atmosphere and a feeling of freedom. Give yourself a treat to a wonderful holiday in the Carpathian Mountains to get unforgettable impressions of a traveler for many years ahead.

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Winter ski resorts

It’s hard to deny the fact that ski resorts on Carpathian slopes are the best spots for vacation. The fact is determined by a number of reasons. For instance a vast variety of mountain massifs provides a possibility to opt for either complicated or simple ski slopes.

As for the cost, the prices in this region are quite affordable for European travelers. Having a relatively small budget you can have a great time, book a comfortable suite and with a breakfast, lunch a dinner included. In addition to that, service at modern Carpathian resorts is on a high level, which is one the most considerable prerequisites for a great vacation.

Most popular resorts and sites in the region are the following:
  • Slavske;
  • Dragobrat;
  • Bukovel
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