Today we are going to talk about footwear manufactured in Ukraine. Yes, this area, along with the others, boasts world-class companies with great marketing and tiered pricing. But let’s try to avoid various industrial and economic terms and just run through Ukrainian businesses from the ordinary customer’s perspective.

Let’s begin with the most creative ones.

Please welcome: Kachorovskа handmade brand

Kachorovska Company was born in 1960s in Zhytomyr. At the beginning it was just a small shoemaker’s shop. As years went by, it grew into successful family business and started making profit. In 2013 Kacharovska family introduced their own shoe line.

Because of the combination of skilled handmade craft with capabilities of modern technologies, Kachorovska’s products are one-of-a-kind. Naturally, the prices for their shoes are a bit higher than those at ordinary shops, but original accomplishment of custom orders is a tremendous bonus for those who appreciate their own uniqueness.

You can buy the finished products of this unusual Ukrainian manufacturer here:


"Hemps" brand is original and unique to the extent that is most surprising. That is where the Ukrainian nature of designer works steps forward in all its glory!
The company founded in 2005 by the designer Oleh Zemnukhov specializes in manufacture from… hemps! That is, from hemps cloth, which is even more surprising in view of the broad choice of artificial clothing in the modern consumer goods industry. But the founder was not afraid to take the road less traveled.

Hemps shoes stand out for distinct lightness, exquisite style and the variety of designer decoration solutions. This is what let the few employees of the company find their niche among the Ukrainian manufacturers and confidently develop the retail trade network.
Significant amount of Hemps products can be found at "Etnodim", the seller of clothes and accessories with Ukrainian decoration elements. The prices there surprise as well: they are quite moderate in respect of the talented designer’s original works. In addition, our readers can have a look at the manufacturer’s masterpieces here:, as well as on the "Etnodim" website:

Now let’s talk about footwear factories that are flourishing in Ukraine. First of all I should say that there quite a lot of them, and there is almost one in each region of Ukraine. We however are going to turn our attention to the three of them which are bright and interesting in terms of their products.

LEVUS Factory

LEVUS Factory has been working in Lviv for quite a long time. The products of the said firm appeared in the Ukrainian market as early as in 1986. As the manufacturers themselves state, their major aim is convenience. Foot comfort is the primary focus of the LEVUS employees. As the years went by, this peculiarity became the distinguishing brand feature.

The prices there are quite affordable: up to UAH 3, 000, beginning with slippers for UAH 170. The official website is

AMATO STILE (Dnipropetrovsk)

For AMATO STILE (Dnipropetrovsk), the high shoes quality is the priority.

According to the company’s leading specialists, this direction was chosen in order to stand out against the other women’s footwear manufacturers. The products for ladies exclusively are their mojo as well. AMATO STILE excels in particularly acceptable price offers, broad model range and continuous assortment renewal.
Owners of shops, either big or small, love to cooperate with AMATO STILE because of the opportunity to order shoes on an individual basis for particular customers. You can order a pair of shoes here:

Wladna Women’s Footwear Manufacturer

The Zhytomyr company Wladna mainly focuses upon the needs of the youth. Back in the day it was a small studio which grew into decent company later on. They constantly keep abreast of the foreign innovations and introduce their own vision of shoes for young people.

Wladna has been working in the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years already, and that is why it enjoys consumer confidence. Its products made exclusively of high quality natural leather successfully represent Ukrainian manufacturers at the international footwear trade shows. The prices vary from UAH 700 – 2,000 for a pair of shoes, depending on a model. In comparison with many other online shop offers, Wladna’s price policy is quite affordable.

You can get acquainted with the assortment here:

Other Manufacturers Worth Our Attention:
Among the variety of Ukrainian brands, the following ones can be singled out: Lider (, PYRAMIDE (, Tuto (, KASANDRA (, Roma Style ( and others.

We should point out though that consumer goods industry in Ukraine has many problems as well. Our manufacturers’ competitive ability is quite high, but they do not have enough strength to conquer contraband articles. There are tax system, payment for labor, and purchase of materials with all the consequences. In spite of all that, however, we have enough brands proudly named “Ukrainian”.
Based on the several examples which just briefly illustrate the Ukrainian footwear market we can definitely see that Ukrainians are creative, responsible and able to compete with many world-known manufacturers. And this is no surprise, because our country is going to finally become prosperous and rich. We, the Ukrainians, should keep this in mind. We are proud to have such professionals in a range of spheres, among which footwear production is not the last one.
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