Sometimes you don’t even realize that things surrounding you directly influence your mood. If you are surrounded with furniture or decor elements that make you think of anything unpleasant, the negative emotions will only grow with time and eventually you will not feel quite inspired going to work or even going home.

That’s why we suggest that you should get to know several Ukrainian producers creating furniture and interior elements to help you fill your home or office with the right atmosphere and harmony.


‘Kanon’ furniture factory has been successfully operating in the market for over 15 years. Today the factory occupies about 12000 square meters and that is only manufacturing facilities. ‘Kanon’ is a design studio too, which produces furniture according to individual projects and requirements.

The factory offers a wide range of home furniture including kids furniture.

As for the pricing policy, the least expensive side tables will cost you around UAH 4000. Prices for kids’ beds, chest of drawers, bookstands start from UAH 10000-12000 and a for a ‘Kanon’ kids’ wardrobe you will have to spend almost 16 thousand hryvnyas.


According to this producer, ‘Likewood’ furniture and decor is the comfort with no boundaries щк  commonness, with no dullness or plainness!

Furniture is made of ecologically clean 100% natural alder and is suitable for both inside and outside furnishing. Why alder? Because its timber is resistant to water.

The whole production and decoration cycle takes place in Ukraine. Furniture is all manually crafted and painted.


"Bambetel" - is a ukrainian producer of handmade furniture. The manufacturers assert that their products don’t have a single metal parts or joints.

At the moment their range of products includes only table lamps, chairs and clocks made of Carpathian beech, oak and ash. Lamps and clocks are waxed, and chairs are coated with Polish made oil containing wax foundation. The assortment is not wide so far but they will soon start producing tables, new lamp models and children’s toys.

Prices for chairs vary from UAH 1700 to UAH 2500, lamps – UAH 700 - UAH 800.

Wicker furniture

‘Wicker Furniture’ enterprise located in Chernihiv produces traditional wicker furniture.

The company offers rocking-chairs, sofas, chairs, stools, baskets, stands, sleigh and other wicker wares. This kind of furniture has plenty advantages, such as ecological cleanness, exquisite style, natural material, long durability and easy usability.

Prices for these wares are listed on the producer’s website and vary in the scope between UAH 300 and UAH 1500.

Rodynne Derevo

Rodynne Derevo brand produces unordinary and exclusive home furniture. The company manufactures soft, case furniture and custom furniture made of oak and ash as well as it creates its own designs collections. Their wares are truly beautiful and extraordinary and they are definitely meant to illuminate a contemporary home.

Prices vary from 2000 to 60000 Ukraine Hryvnia.


"DRØMMEL UKRAINE" specializes in producing furniture made of pine and steel in Scandinavian style.

The brand has basic collection called "Drømmel" which represents writing tables, stands, side tables and shelves as well as bar stools - around 35 items in total. This furniture can also be custom crafted however in that case the price will get higher. Wood is available in three colors: pine, walnut and white. Steel can be painted in either black or white.

Prices for basic collection items are quite loyal and affordable. A writing table with three shelves costs 2400 Ukrainian hryvnia, bar stool – UAH 1290 and a side table will cost you UAH 450 only.


"Hommie Interior" Company is a Ukrainian producer of quality stylish soft furniture and home decor.

The manufacturer works in classic style and uses modern materials and technologies. Frames are made of wood. Woodchip boards and polywood is only used for beds manufacturing. Upholsteries are classy: foam-rubber, synthetic winterizer, furniture textile, but natural fabrics may be ordered as well.

Prices for chairs start from UAH 3300, beds - from UAH 8600.


"Woodville" started with producing garden furniture but gradually the range of products got wider.

Today the Company specializes in producing home decor, tables, side tables and other small size furniture items. Apart from ordinary models production, the company takes individual custom orders and corporate orders. The range of products constantly grows and recently they have introduced a line of lamps including floor lamps.

Prices differ depending on the item. For example, a chest of drawers made of natural wood will cost you around UAH 4000 and a mirror in a wooden frame - UAH 600.

Vintage Manufactory

"Vintage Manufactory" - is a creative workshop specializing in furniture and decor made of natural materials such as wood, leather, glass and wax.

The manufacturer not only offers standard collections but also produces custom made furniture. The assortment includes tables, stools, chairs, couches, stands, shelves, mirrors and other wall decorations, as well as furniture for nurseries. A great advantage is that you can also apply for renovation of old furniture and interior items. Production period depends on the item complexity but normally lasts from one to four weeks.

Prices for "Vintage Manufactory" furniture varies from 1500 to 10000 Ukraine hryvnia.


The story of the Company began in January 2014 when they launched an online store called ‘23 Shelves’. The website represents as many as 23 shelves differing in their design, size and purpose. All shelves are made of Austrian woodchip board Egger as well as painted, veneered, and filmed MDF.

Apart from basic shelves the company fulfills individual orders from customers. Average production period takes up to 14 days. The Company plans on introducing ‘invisible’ shelves made of transparent plastic, curved veneer shelves and other items made of gypsum. 23 Studio also includes ‘23 Kitchen’ brand specializing in custom made kitchens. Normally, your custom kitchen would be ready within 21 days.

Minimum shelf price is UAH 700.
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