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4 March 2016
Handmade lace lingerie has been quite recently brought into vogue in Ukraine, and I must admit I can not imagine how we could live without that lace comfort. All the same, underwear is a very important attribute of our daily lives. Every day we open our wardrobes and have to make such an uneasy choice :)

The selection of the best Ukrainian handmade lingerie brands at a reasonable price is dedicated to the women who haven’t had time to please themselves by such lingerie set, preparing for St. Valentine's Day or other special events, and/or to the men who have been looking for a special present for their spouse.

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L A D Y    H U N T E R    L I N G E R I E

The main idea and the concept of brand ‘Lady Hunter’ is that lingerie is a kind of women’s weapon. That is exactly what ensures confidence in their own attractiveness and enticement, even worn under jeans and a simple sweater. The woman wearing beautiful underwear glows and feels herself luxurious! That is exactly where the idea of branded revolvers on the sets and provocative slogan: “Forbidden games started” came from along with many other details which turn the ‘Lady Hunter lingerie’ into a conceptual brand.

The most popular ordering items are the frameless lingerie sets completed by a gasket made of natural fabrics which do not harm the skin. These models provide better support and allow you to wear such lingerie under any clothes. In addition to black, red and blue colours buyers often experiment and order a variety of bright colours.
For making ‘Lady Hunter Lingerie’ sets only high-quality fabrics such as Valentino, Solstiss, silk from Dior and Escada are used. The authors of the brand are especially responsible for the quality of fabrics, seams and even threads. The average price of a set is 1000 UAH, the performance period: 7-14 days.

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M A R Y    J A N E

Lingerie is well-known as an ‘all-too-women’ passion; nevertheless it is not so easy to find a nice garment at an affordable price. That is how brand ‘Mary Jane’ appeared. “For making lace sets I use only Italian lace, because the quality comes first for me” – emphasizes Mariana (author and designer of the brand).

The idea of creating lingerie occurred long time ago but it was realized only last autumn. The designer has big plans for the future, namely, to expand the range of products that would include swimsuits and the same quality seductive pajamas, as well as to open her own atelier. The average price of a set is 600 UAH, the performance period: 3-5 days.

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Evterpa is one of nine muses from the ancient Greek pantheon that is why the owner of this brand lingerie feels herself as an embodiment of femininity and tenderness. “The philosophy of the brand lies in a protest against uncomfortable lingerie, push-up and false forms of clothing.

‘Evterpa’ is a lingerie brand for romantic young women who appreciate delicacy, elegance, prettiness in fabric, colour and texture" – note Yuliya Ermolayeva (organizer, author) and Alla Pershyna (designer, methodologist). The girls are inspired to new ideas just by the lace. The average cost of a set is 500 UAH, the performance period: 1-2 days.

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The name of brand ‘ANVI’ consists of the first two syllables of Khomynets sisters’ names – Angelica and Viktoiya – ANVI. As one of the sisters goes in for sports and participates in many fitness and bikini competitions she often has to buy lingerie for photo sessions. That is how the idea to produce a line of seductive lingerie and to help sister out occurred :) Victoria did not expect such pleasure from the process and such an immense number of ideas.

The purpose of the brand ANVI is to provide people with positive emotions and joy! Beauty needs to be expressed not only from outside, inner beauty is also important! The first collection is dominated by hot and popular lingerie colors: black, red and white! In the process of the lingerie sets creation the designer is inspired by the sweets. High-quality French lace is used for the sets.

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B I Z E T     L I N G E R I E

‘Bizet lingerie’ is a Ukrainian brand of fine lingerie, aimed at decorating the gray routine. Quality, beauty and comfort are the guiding lines for the brand in the process of each set performance. “We want to see every Ukrainian woman being feminine and healthy, so in the lingerie we do not use the elements which are considered to be harmful for the woman’s body: metal underwire and foam rubber.

Special attention is paid to the selection of fabrics, so we often use Italian lace”, – tells Bizet. In addition to lace lingerie you can order a set made from the natural fabrics. The average cost of a set is 600 UAH, the performance period: 2-5 days.

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S O     F O X Y

‘So Foxy’ brand got its start quite recently. Small family team decided to create unique, fun and amusing things to eliminate routine in the bedroom. “Apparently, I consider the red colour and habits of a fox to be the necessary characteristics fitting every girl. For me fox is associated with a clever, beautiful and gentle creature that spends its life playing” – smiles the author of the brand.

‘So Foxy’ was created in the process of playing to give pleasure and beauty. The sets are performed from interesting and unusual fabrics. Nowadays in Ukraine it’s difficult or almost impossible to find bright and cheerful prints, therefore via frequent journeys the brand customers acquire interesting and unique lingerie sets. Watch the fox and enjoy the beauty around! The average cost of a set is 800 UAH, the performance period: 2-5 days.

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K A R R A     L I N G E R I E

“Brand “Karra” most likely is a nice hobby that brings joy not only to me”, – says the designer Oksana (author). She practiced the first sets performing for herself, her friends and studying various books. The lingerie is created on a “just for you” basis as long as all the details are being discussed with every client and the designer puts something incredibly warm and tender into every piece of her work.

“Karra” customers love to be seductive, as the demand is dominated by purple, red and black colours. They provide with confidence and little impudence. The uniqueness of the brand is

in a special attitude to every customer’s order, each set will always be “warmer for the soul”. The average cost of a set is 450 UAH.

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F O L I E     L I N G E R I E

New brand ‘Folie Lingerie’ in addition to the popular triangle cup styles offers a wider range of sizes, with formed cups, underwire styles, with various types of support and a specific support for big breasts, that is not so widespread nowadays in Ukraine. “Folie” in French means “madness”. “We decided that exactly that word was a proper one to fully describe how we go crazy about lingerie” – says Olya Hatsenko and Katya Hlybchenko (authors of the brand).

The girls do sketches, choose fabrics and develop design for each model individually. Folie Lingerie team plans to develop and improve their skills and activities in lingerie production and gradually expand the line, experimenting with forms and tinctures. This year they plan to pay more attention to cotton underwear and bed linen. The average cost of a set is 700 UAH, the performance period: 2-5 days.

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K R A L Y A     L I N G E R I E

‘Kralya’ is the Ukrainian brand and that is what its name says. Euphonious Ukrainian word “kralya” conveys the complexity of the woman image, her uniqueness and eccentricity. This is how the owners of this lingerie brand look like. The philosophy of the brand is clear and simple: it’s a desire to create lingerie that will suit the women of all ages and various social statuses.

The sets are performed by highly qualified craftsmen and on professional equipment. The team members draw their inspiration from their own ideas, they also take into account new world trends and sometimes just the lace becomes their primary muse. Designers are responsible for the high quality of fabric and sewing; they plan to create the Ukrainian brand that will correspond to the world standards. The average cost of a set is 700 UAH, the performance period: 2-5 days.

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S E A     S E E     Y O U

‘Sea See You’ is a Ukrainian brand of designer handmade lingerie. The brand promotes innocent knitted sets with a hint of playful enticement and sexuality. While picking the Sea See You lingerie women do not have to choose between comfort and femininity! The average cost of a set is 500 UAH, the performance period: 4-5 days.
Lingerie is a very personal and intimate attribute of every woman's wardrobe and there just have to be some space for a perfect lace lingerie set that will raise her spirit and give a special feeling of femininity and enticement during the day.

I hope that this unique selection of lingerie, created by our talented Ukrainian designers, will help you to choose your perfect lingerie set. Happy shopping! Made in Ukraine!
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