10 World Famous Startups Made in Ukraine

6 February 2015

Looksery - Selfie Beautification App

An Odessa project with its headquarters located in San-Francisco can be compared to today’s extremely popular Instagram (Looksery, however improves pictures and videos with a number of filters in real time and not only after a picture has been taken). The team from Odessa has already signed their first B2B license agreement for their exclusive technology with an Asian media holding. According to the agreement the latter will pay off 5 million US dollars in total.

Kwambio 3D-store

A Ukrainian store called Kwambio has a very special range of products. After you buy a vase, kitchen utensils, decor items, shoes or bijouterie you will have to print it with your own 3D printer. Online platform for designers and owners of 3D printers is based in New York and announces official launching in April this year. Founders have already received their first investments in the amount of 500 thousand US dollars.

Petcube - a robot for pets

Invented by Ukrainian developers, Petcube - is a kind of robot for looking after your pets and playing with them remotely. It is extremely easy to operate it, all you need is to install an app on your smartphone. Right after that you are able to interact with pets and watch a small aluminum cube with integrated Wi-Fi, camera, microphone, speaker and a red certified and safe laser play with your pet while you are away.

Iblazr LED-flash

Iblazr - LED-flash has been created by Ukrainians especially for those who enjoy taking selfies or just making pictures with a device in poor light. This is one of the three projects by a young Concepeter company: Ukrainians are also working on video shooting stabilizer for smartphones - Cinezis and Morzr messenger which does not require network connection to function.

LaMetric Smart Watch

This smart watch invented by guys from Lviv not only tells the time and outside temperature but can also provide important business analytics. At the moment this is the most successful crowdfunding project in Ukraine, which gathered $370 thousand with only $69 thousand requested. LaMetric is produced at one of the most famous Chinese factories Foxconn, same place where iPod and iPhone are born.

VOX Music Player

Simple and easy to use Ukrainian Player VOX by Coppertino Company has become an alternative way of listening to music in iTunes and has similar functions to once popular Winamp. VOX has been installed for over 600 000 times and is being successfully used in 135 countries across the world. A total amount of investments into this project comprised over 500 US dollars.

ZZ Photo - images organizer

This service puts a home photo library in order, sorting pictures by different parameters. For example, it tags your friends by name, recognizes photos from vacation and even spots cats on the pictures which not available in famous Picasa by Google. ZZ Photo has made the best interactive Ukrainian startup and has also been listed in top 150 best world startups at Pioneers conference in Austria.

Grammarly - quick grammar aid

Offices of Grammarly Company - English spellchecker service, which is already used by 5 million people worldwide - are located in Kyiv and California. Ukrainians hardly ever know about this project but according to experts it is worth at least 100 million dollars. This chargeable service in experts’ opinion gets about USD 20 million annual revenue and this is not even the full potential of the project.

Scanner Pro - mobile scanner

Scanner Pro Application which turns iPhone into scanner and any document captured by the device camera - into a good quality PDF file, has been estimated and tested by 7 million users from 150 countries. Apple Corporation has announced this application to be the best app of the week in the official Apple Store. Readdlе Company who have created the application have never accepted any investments and have no intentions to move from their native city - Odessa.

CleanMyMac - digital cleaner

A software for cleaning your PC from excessive files - CleanMyMac has been developed by a 27-year-old Ukrainian Oleksandr Kosovan. Success of this project has not only been proved by millions of users, but also the fact that Facebook has bought an official license for this program for 3500 Facebook employees. Oleksandr Kosovan has never accepted investments but now has become an investor himself establishing a VC SMRK fund together with a partner for USD 10 million.
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MorisBrother MorisBrother 6 February 2015
Нічого собі. Ледь канапкою не вдавився. У вас появились абзаци? Ще б редагування і смайли... Вітаю) Видно хтось там почув мої молитви)
MorisBrother MorisBrother 6 February 2015
Looksery - ти маленька, страшненька та й взагалі не ахті? Тоді ти наш клієнт, принцесо.

Kwambio - хочеш пластикову ложку, за ціною 0.2 грамів золота? Знаємо, зробимо.

Petcube - твій кіт настільки тупий, що не можу відрізнити хазяїна від куска пластика?

LED-спалах Iblazr - корисно, тут не поспориш.

LaMetric - у тебе остання версія Айфону, а сумці новенький tablet Nexus 7? Значить тобі обовязково потрібен годинник для того щоб дізнаватись погоду, та читати бізнес аналітику. Повір нам. Ми знаємо.

VOX- тут важко щось сказати.Вроді нічо так, але багатьом іншим розробкам поступається у функціональності. В основному розрахований на людей які вперше стикнулись з сенсорним телефоном.

ZZ Photo - ось це реально варте похвали. Хоча як показує практика, органайзери довго не живуть.

Grammarly - стикався з цим продуктом. В плані англійської - шик. Але потрібно розуміти, що англійська мова набагато простіша в синтаксисі, та й граматиці загалом від Української. Це для тих, хто не розуміє чому так досі нема підтримки укр. Є така річ як LanguageTool - в дечому навіть краща.

Scanner Pro - крута річ, але кому часто приходиться конвертувати зображення в пдф? Якимось гікам, бажаючим нових відчутів від роботи з Айфоном?)

CleanMyMac - на Віу-у-у-н-ндовс нестачі таких прог нема, а от з Мак, звісно, подвиг. +100500 до репутації.

В загальному всі проекти хороші, але сказати, що це революція в чомусь важко. Таких програм виходять тисячі, а то й сотні. Проблема в тому, де їх застосовувати? Якщо в більшості, люди використовують свої смартфони не більше ніж на 50%. І то для декого вистачає можливості запустити AngryBirds.