About UA Modna Project

UA Modna project started in 2012 and has been persistently presenting exciting and useful information about Ukrainian and Ukrainians to its readers ever since. UA Modna online platform unites people from all over the world who have pro-Ukraininan views.
Our motto: Be Ukrainian not by blood but by spirit!

One of the project goals is to popularize Ukrainian culture and art abroad and inform Ukrainians about achievements in art, science and social life made by Ukrainian citizens and representatives of Ukrainian diaspora. Because we deserve to be known in the whole world :)

UA Modna – is a truly live organism with a heart and a soul. The heart of our project lies in Chicago, USA and ensures close interaction with Ukrainian diaspora. The soul of the project lives in the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk imbuing everything on the online platform with ‘uamodna’ kind of energy.
Editorial board is a sort of backbone of UA Modna website, it enlivens all ideas, relevant publications, talented authors.

Articles, interviews, photos, video, prose, lyrics, art - new publications are posted on UA Modna pages every day. This place if filled with exciting researches, social issues, authors’ reviews of current events, contemporary creative works.

Every registered user becomes our author and has a possibility to create their own website on the platform free of charge and choose a language to communicate with their reader/audience as well as topics of interest. UA Modna is a multilingual, multinational and pro-Ukrainian space for creativity of anyone interested.

Do you like Ukrainian music? Welcome! UA Modna Radio plays Ukrainian hits only. Find ‘Play’ button on the website and our radio wave will get you inspired for the whole day or entertain you with your favourite tunes at night. Most interesting questions, discussions, relevant news and much more is expecting you in Ua Modna Radio section!

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