12 March 2014
Everybody’s talking about them today: some call them fascists, others - heroes. They are considered instigators and radicals, however, there would have been no victory but for them on the Maidan. Their actions are dispraised, yet they were there to take the first blow and protect the protesters. They represent quite a controversial movement yet there would have been nothing but for them.

As you have probably already guessed, we are talking about representatives of ‘Right Sector’.
So what actually is ‘Right Sector’? Officially - it is a public movement uniting Ukrainian nationalist organizations: ‘Patriot of Ukraine’, ‘Trident’ (Tryzub), ‘Volia’ and others. It has no official leaders or lists of members. However, their representative and activity coordinator (if we can call him so) is Dmytro Yarosh who originally comes from eastern Ukraine. It is worth mentioning that the press attache of the movement is a russian journalist, former employee of ‘Kommersant’ publishing house Artem Skoropadsky. Considering these facts they are very unlikely to prejudice against other nationalities and languages.

‘Right Sector’ includes not only fighters but also lawyers. They are young people from all over Ukraine speaking either Ukrainian or Russian languages. This proves that ‘Right Sector’ does not only seeks disorders and war. These people aim at establishing order in the country in a diplomatic way, yet are always ready to safeguard their principles using other methods.

Right Sector gained popularity due to encounters with riot police during the Euromaidan. They were mentioned for the first time on November 30 during ‘clean-up’ when they were protecting students and tried to stop ‘Berkut’ divisions. According to protesters, ‘Right Sector’ showed a great discipline and unity of common actions although the coordination itself was absolutely spontaneous.

On January 19, 2014 they were there to protect people from police attack on Hryshevskogo street. Before that day representatives of ‘Right Sector’ were seen with covered faces and arming  which scared people off and for that reason they were considered to be provokers and extremists. However, after February 19, when ‘Right Sector’ became the protesters' only protections talks about radicals ceased at once.
Eventually ‘Right Sector’ became the 23rd sotnia of Maidan Self-Defence and also assisted in AutoMaidan. Once they managed to strike off ‘Berkut’ as the latter were attacking Kyiv City Clinical Hospital where officers were attempting to take out the injured protesters from.  

There were attempts to declare that Euromaidan and ‘Right Sector’ received financing from the West. However, during an interview Dmytro Yarosh explained that costs are incoming from voluntary donations. This is a nationalist movement and that is why people are bringing money. Donations are accepted in every region of Ukraine and in addition to that we get a great assistance from Diaspora.

So let’s try to figure out what it is these men are trying to achieve.
A term ‘radical’ has quite a negative shade. Yet, if we look it up in the dictionary, it reads that a radical is someone who supports resolute actions. Isn’t it just what we needed? How long have we been asking for changes? Having seen our requests ignored, we simply put up with that. But there were people who were ready to stand their ground until the end and to take any measures in order to reach their goal. This does not mean they advocate bloodshed, they just don’t betray their ideals. Could it be worse than just giving up? But that is not the point.
Activists of ‘Right Sector’ are guided by the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism once proclaimed by Stepan Bandera: “We are benevolent to those non-Ukrainians who understand the aspiration of Ukrainians to become a true nation-state, who support it and assist in this achievement; to those who are neutral and do not prevent from our fight, we are neutral; only to those who deny the right of Ukrainians to be a state-nation and who interfere with us we are hostile”. Read this quotation carefully.

These men rise in opposition to Customs union with Russia because in their opinion Ukraine should not enter any associations and treaties on terms imposed by others. And though they see Ukraine as a European country, they are not supporting EU integration very actively since they consider this institution to oppress European nations. One of the ‘Right Sector’ members said: “We support European identity and Ukraine is a part of European civilization. Yet, it should not enter any Unions!” Ukraine shouldn’t be an object, but a subject of geopolitics.

Other requirements of the ‘Right Sector’ were as follows: setting hostages free, closing criminal cases against protesters, reinstatement of the 2004 constitution which was more loyal to the Ukrainian people. All mass actions taking place today are seen as an opportunity to destroy the old regime in order to build a new free country.

They support the rule of people: politicians should work for the good of people and the people can timely control their actions. They strive for the Ukrainian government to implement new efficient approaches to State-building.

You might say that they were instigators during Maidan, arranged fights and provoked people. However, representatives of the movement explained their radical behaviour with the fact that a law passed on January 16th which adversely restricted Ukrainians’ rights, ruined every hope for a diplomatic settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine. That is why they decided to use their own methods which they find “an adequate reaction to the dictatorship establishment”.

If you think all Maidan was represented of the ‘Right Sector’ representatives, you are very wrong. Researches prove that about 90% of Maidan participants did not belong to any political movement and about 70% of people came in the streets to protest 30 November attacks on protesters.

In order to comfort those who fear the ‘Banderivtsi’s willfulness’ we would like to assert that every action of the ‘Right Sector’ is approved with National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (RNBO) and the state uniformed agencies. And now they are mostly engaged in defending inhabited areas, which Russian government attempts to conquer, fighting against the ‘Fifth Column’ of the Kremlin and against anti-Ukrainian mass media. During one of the conferences Dmytro Yarosh ensured total safety to inhabitants of the Crimean Peninsula asserting that there will be no attacks on women, children and civilians. ‘Right Sector’ will not participate in hostilities, unless there is a corresponding decision of RNBO.    
Be careful and don’t get tricked. Some organizations or separate individuals that have nothing to do with ‘Rights Sector’ have been recently making official announcements in mass media on behalf of the movement. These activists do not wish for anarchy as they know it will bring little use for the country. That is why they fight with organizations which arrange mass disorders and pretend to be representatives of ‘Right Sector’.  
Personally, I think not all actions of ‘Right Sector’ can be considered right. However, there are radically oriented people in every revolution ready to fight and protect their countrymen by all means. And thought peaceful dispute settlement is a better way out, there aren’t always prerequisites for that and sometimes radical measures are the only solution. Revolution implies these measures as such.
These men are ready to poise themselves for the first strike. Anyway, if they hadn’t proved that Ukrainian people can stand up for themselves and would not tolerate humiliation, who knows what would happen to Kyiv today...

Sources: www.pravyysektor.info
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Дмитрий 11 April 2014
На наших глазах начинает сбываться предсказание Эдгара Кейси о духовном возрождении мировой цивилизации, которое должно было начаться - по его словам - с Киевской Руси. Революция победит, безверие и уныние развеются. Слава Украине!
Сергій 11 April 2014
Ярош, наш президент!
Квітка 11 April 2014
ПС сплутав карти всім.І раші , і ЕС , і опозиції.ПС не продажні ,до корита не пнуться .Всі в розпачі.Давайте поливати у ЗМІ та ТВ всяким брудом.Але Україна вже інша.Чим більше вони давлять, тим сильніший наш дух! Слава Україні! Ярош наш президент!!
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